Ta Da! First Original Blog Post Published!

Awhile ago I mentioned about blogging for The Huffington Post. I’m not a big star blogger. I have my own little corner here of the blogosphere and I enjoy sharing with all of you!

Today I am going to toot my own horn! *TOOT TOOT* I’ve been a busy lady this month and to add on to my Feel Good Friday — I’m feeling good that my first original blog post was published on The Huffington Post website!

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My Heart Aches Today

My Heartaches Today

When scrolling through my Facebook feed yesterday I came across a post from a woman who I knew pretty well in my college years.

Back story really quick: The guy I dated and her now husband were roommates at Western Michigan University and we would hang out together on the weekends. They have been married for years now and have three gorgeous girls. Their youngest was born a preemie earlier this year and spent quite some time in the hospital, but she fought through and is a healthy gorgeous addition to their family.

Back to the Facebook post. She wrote about the out pour of love and prayers they have received from everyone about her husband. That they were going through a very hard time right now with the news of what happened to him. Come to find out he was hit by a car Tuesday night while out for a run. He sustained severe injuries and was rushed to the hospital, where he is still, in critical care.

This couple is a couple I have been envious of since I met them. The love they have for each other can be felt the second they walk into a room. He is a high school teacher and also a soccer coach in their hometown. She is an amazing mother and the two of them have built a beautiful life together, but Tuesday night their world stopped.

I couldn’t help but start crying. I couldn’t imagine what this woman must be feeling right now. I don’t even know what I would do. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I came across the post. I haven’t stopped praying since I read her words. I am at a loss of words, as a wife and as a mother, I don’t even know where I would begin.

My heart aches from them. I don’t usually write about things like this but something just came over me and I had to write, but I just can’t seem to find the right words to say. If that makes any sense at all. At any time your life can change in the blink of an eye. At any moment your world could stop.

The past few months I have been really working on kindness in my life and the life around me. I think if I would of read those words months ago I would of felt angry at myself for holding on to so much pain of my past. That at any moment my world could really be crashing down and instead of being kind and living a life of happiness, I was too busy holding on to anger and hurt. But now, I don’t feel guilt, I feel heart ache for this family and all I can do is pray. I can pray and think positive thoughts.

They started a Go Fund Me Account and for the first time I donated to a cause and they have almost reached their goal in three hours! I am just amazed at the out pour of love and support for this family. Friends and family are truly a powerful gift to have.


Happiness Over Anger 

I wrote this when I first started blogging. I read it again today and felt like resharing!

Sometimes anger can take over the happiness in my life. When it does, it makes me even more angry because I let something bother me that much. Being angry is so tiring. Getting worked up over things out of my control is exhausting. I’ve caught myself a few times this week saying “Let it go!” Which I must say, is extremely hard for me to do. It’s hard for me to back down, but I’ve come to realize letting something go doesn’t make me weak and it doesn’t mean I’m wrong. It’s about picking your battles, and choosing what will fuel my happiness, not my anger.

Over the past year I have been working on finding what fuels my anger, and how can I change the way I think and react to it. I’m a happy wife who is head over heels in love (I wasn’t really a sappy romantic but now I am) and I have the best step kids a step mom could ask for. My relationship with hubby’s ex isn’t bad, but I wish it was better. We have come a long way and I’m so happy we got to the place we are at today. 

Talking about her is hard for me. I have always done my best not to speak ill of her to other people (never in front of the kids, such a huge no-no in my book) I think it’s because my parents raised me to treat others how I wanted to be treated, and I truly wouldn’t want to hear her speaking ill of me. Of course there have been times she got under my skin, but I’m sure I have too. That’s where my stress/anger comes in because I don’t want to argue with her, not because she scares me, but because I can’t mentally stand verbal fights or battles with her. Thank God we haven’t had any major issues lately, and I feel it might be because I’m starting to “Let it go!” Or maybe she is finding her peace. Whatever it is, I’m liking it!

We have always had an open communication about the kids. If one of them is acting up we usually always let the other one know about what’s been going on. We always respect the other houses consequences and will carry them over to our house if needed. Communicating like that is so beneficial, you have no idea. It’s not only the best option in this kind of lifestyle, but it really does save your sanity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a melt down and texted their mom and asked if this goes on at there house too, 9 out of 10 times it does, and I can reassure myself I’m not going crazy after all! 

I respect my hubby’s ex. She gave birth to two amazing children who have completely changed my life for the better. I am thankful for her trust in me to help raise our kids. I’ve read so many step mom blogs and about 75% of them don’t have a positive relationship with their bio mom. I’m so thankful we aren’t in those dark places. I mean we aren’t rainbows and unicorns over here, but hey, there is always room for improvement right? Things could get better. 

Everyday comes with new struggles which turn into new life lessons. What I learn from them and how I react means everything. Sometimes the answer is to just “Let it go”.