Two Thumbs Up Tuesday: 10/18


One of my favorite blog days of the week! I love sharing blogs I have come across. Plus isn’t that what sharing the love in this blogosphere is all about?! Sometimes we get busy and miss some pretty awesome blogs throughout the week. With Two Thumbs Up Tuesday I like to share what I found inspirational, funny, or just an over all great read with all of you! Enjoy and Happy Tuesday! 🙂 

From Stepmom to Mom – From Stepmom to Mom : I came across this new stepmama (soon to be mama) blog last week and I love when I find new stepmama blogs to share! I think it’s important to have a tribe of like minded people and for me, that falls with fellow awesome stepmoms. Similar to me, this mama has been apart of her stepdaughters life for as long as she can remember. I think that plays a huge role in how you form a bond/relationship with your step kids.

My Least Favorite Child Today – How To Talk To Your Kids About Donald Trump : Stephen pretty much sums up how we as parents should go about talking to our kids about Donald Trump. If you are in need of a good laugh, especially with the election around the corner, you have to check out this post!

The Tired Mama Project – Putting the Devices Down : Oh Erika, to be honest, I’m pretty sure every single one of us is guilty of this some time or another. I don’t like being the parent telling the kids no more screen time as I scroll down my social media feed. Getting back to the basics is important, especially in families. This is a great read for parents!

The Stepmama – Nosediving into Stepmamahood : This new stepmama and blogger showed up on my feed this week when browsing through stepmom blogs and I’m very excited it did! This southern stepmama is opening up her world to us and I think it would be great if we showed her some love! Being a step parent isn’t easy and it comes with its own individual obstacles but by sticking together we can get through anything!


Two Thumbs Up Tuesday: (9/27)


Tuesdays are dedicated to posts I have come across that I want to reblog and share with all of you. Sharing the love in our blogosphere is really important to me. Who doesn’t appreciate a shout out on a job well done? 

Scale it Simple – Invite: Fall Feeling Blog Party:  Steph over at Scale it Simple is having a Fall Blog party this Saturday! This is a great way to find new blogs and share some of your favorite posts to a bigger platform. Thanks for the invite, friend!

LovingLahna – To my sweet daughter, :  This mommy blogger wrote this beautiful letter to her infant daughter. I thought this was beautiful and I am going to be working on my own letters to the kids for when they are older.

theeuphoriciraqisinglemom – Do not Judge… : This is one of my favorite bloggers to follow. Not only do I feel a connection with her in some way, but I feel the words she writes. This is a wonderful reminder to everyone to not be quick to judge a family member or a friend. Thank you for sharing this, my dear friend.

Cordelia’s Mom, Still – Fickle Fans : Oh, Cookiecakes never fails to disappoint with a humorous post — but in all honestly. We have all been here and we know what it feels like when our blogging schedule becomes interrupted and our stats go haywire. No worries, Cookiecakes, I’m still here reading!

Lemon Zest – Urinal Rules: A Peak into the Men’s Restroom : I was having a crazy day and then I stumbled across this post — and I’m so glad I did. It gave me a great laugh and some insight as the hilarious yet serious rules that go on behind closed doors in the Men’s bathroom. What do you think guys? Did he nail all the points?

Two Thumbs Up!

Two thumbs up tuesday

I love sharing blogs that I have come across over the week! It’s a great way to find new bloggers and give them a shout out for a job well done!

Stepmomincognito – It’s the Little Things :   When I came across this post yesterday it made me smile. What a wonderful gift from a step-daughter. It truly is the little things, especially to stepmothers.

From step-mom to real mom – Christmas Shopping! :   I know, I know…no one can believe that Christmas is just around the corner, but this mama brought up a really great point about gift giving. Stephanie and I both use a similar list like this at our houses for the kids at Christmas time. What do you think? Do you use a similar list for gift giving?

CHERISHED. LOVED. CROWNED. WORTHY. REDEEMED. – A Look in the Life of a Stepmom:   Courtney is a blogger I just started following and when I read this post I was nodding my head a lot. There are things she mentions that hit home to me and I have been in her shoes and I think all stepmoms have been in her shoes.  It’s always good to know you aren’t alone with your feelings when navigating your way around the new life of a becoming a stepmom.

Making Time For Me – What Do You Think About…Having a “Person” : Stephanie wrote this awesome piece last Tuesday about having a “person” — someone you can talk to about what’s going on in your life and they will listen to you and be there. What do you think? Do you have a “person”? Is it someone obvious or maybe someone you never thought it could be?! I know I have a few and I’m really lucky to have them in my life!

Two Thumbs Up Tuesday: (9/6)

Two thumbs up tuesday

I had a nice little break from the world this past weekend but I am ready to get back to my daily blogging schedule. Tuesdays are dedicated to awesome blog posts I have come across over the past week. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 

Hearts Everywhere – “When Co-Parenting Sucks” Club : This is a new blogger I came across last week. I just love the way she writes. You can just see the words flowing from her fingers when you’re reading. I’m excited to read more! This particular post struck me as honest, real, and if we’re being honest here — anyone who co-parents can say there are a few things on this list they have been through.

Momma on the Edge – #severproblems : Oh do I understand server problems and you know what, I’m glad she brought up these points. Some might make you laugh at the thought, but admit it — you’ve been out to eat at a restaurant and might of witnessed some of these things happening. A little kindness goes a LONG way, especially people you are essential sharing your dining experience with.

A Thomas Point of View – Dear White People : Tikeetha has a way of making me feel what she is writing. There are many posts she writes that leave me in tears of joy or sadness or in this case some anger. Not at Tikeetha, but the direction our society is moving. This is a conversation that we need to keep having it’s not something that goes away over night or until the next big social media frenzy begins. This will always be a conversation we should continue having — no matter if you are black, white, brown, yellow, green, purple or blue. Keep it going.

Oh Hey, Shenandoah – I’m raising someone’s husband : I was sobbing by the end of this post. Anyone with a son can relate to these feelings. Every day since James was little I have had these thoughts and it brings such joy to my heart to see the love this boy can give now. I can only imagine the love he will give in his future. #proudboymom

A Mother of All Trades – Life Hacks For The Busy Mom : These hacks Jenn put up are awesome and I can’t believe I haven’t started doing some of these sooner! The popsicle catcher is my favorite so far!

Two Thumbs Up Tuesday: (8/30)

Two thumbs up tuesday

Tuesdays are dedicated to posts I have come across over the past week that I want to share with all of you! It’s all about sharing the love and giving shout outs to some amazing bloggers! 

Domesticated Momster – Housewife Failure : Trista wrote this humorous post that had me nodding my head and laughing all at the same time. I’m sure we as spouses have all been here once or twice (or 20 or 30). Trista also has a Momster Link Up each week! You will have to go by and check it out, I have always found some great blogs through her!

A Kinder Way – Mental Health Series: Anxiety Attacks : Boy does Nikki hit the nail on the head with this post. The ironic part is I haven’t had a full blown out anxiety attack in awhile and I had one yesterday — I had my husband read this post days ago and he remembered everything he read, which helped him understand what I was going through.

Kids Coffee and Chaos – Adult talk 101! : This mama is hilarious. I found her through Trista at the Domesticated Momster. This post had me laughing all the way through it. There is no holding back here about sex, alcohol, and cussing!

Ashley A. Sapp – Vulnerability : This post is such a real and raw post. I could resonate with every word Ashley said. The stories we tell are our stories to tell — the good, the bad, and even the ugly. Being vulnerable is the therapeutic part blogging gives me. It helps remind me that life sucks sometimes, but look how far I’ve come since.

All In A Dad’s Work – Monday Morning Round Table : Stomperdad (Eric) is one of my favorite Dad Bloggers. Whenever I read his posts I feel like I’m at a friends house just catching up. He just has a fabulous way with words. I also wanted to give Eric a shout out for his new YouTube channel! You have to watch the time lapse wood stacking one! Who doesn’t love a good time lapse video!?

Hope you enjoyed these fabulous blogs I came across this week! Stop by and say hello! Tell them Jess from Not the Average Mama sent you over! 🙂

Two Thumbs Up Tuesday! (8/23)

Two thumbs up tuesday

Tuesday is dedicated to posts I have come across over the week and I want to share these wonderful blogs with all of you! I think it’s a fabulous idea to share the love in the blogosphere and who doesn’t like having a post they worked so hard on shared and acknowledged? Well done all of you! Thank you again for these awesome posts! 

Momma on the Edge – The Art of Consequences : Okay, let me tell you about my new favorite blog to read. This kick ass momma writes about her experiences with autism and the craziness of raising THREE boys. I can barely handle raising one boy, I don’t know what I would do with three! This post is about having to dish out consequences — even when you personally don’t want to because you have something excited planned. You have to check out this blog! She’s funny, sarcastic, real and extremely raw. Shout out to you, momma!

Fabulous Fit Mamas – A Superhero’s Perception : Michelle’s post really struck a chord with me. How many times do we as moms or women for that matter look in the mirror and pick ourselves apart? When is the last time you said something nice to yourself? This post made me realize this is something I should be doing more often. Thank you, Michelle!

My Least Favorite Child Today – The Casual Art Of Puking : Oh, Stephen. He always gives me a good laugh every weekend with his tally of his least favorite child of the week. This week seems like twins weren’t making it easy for him to choose. If you haven’t checked out Stephen’s blog yet, you have to stop by. He is a dad blogger of twin boys who never fails in the humor department!

Life & Writings of Barefoot Momma – Living With Boys : This post by Kate made me laugh. Her analogy is spot on and I think there are a lot of other mamas out there that can relate to this, especially being a mother of all boys like herself.

Momma on the Edge – Old : Yes, I understand this is kinda cheating, but I don’t care. I just love this blog so much I wanted to share another post! This is something I have thought about lately, especially with my birthday looming around the corner. I’m not worried about turning 30 next year but there are other things that come with getting older and I think this momma nailed it.

Hope you enjoyed all of these wonderful blogs as much as I did! Stop by and say hello, tell them Jess from Not the Average Mama sent you over 😉 Happy Tuesday!

Two Thumbs Up Tuesday! (8/16)

Two thumbs up tuesday

Tuesday is a day I set aside for shout outs to blog posts I have come across over the past week! Spreading the love on the blogosphere is something I enjoy doing! I hope you all can take some time to go through all of these phenomenal blogs! They are totally worth the read! 

Everyday Dusty – Time Flies (Cliche, but true) : Dusty is a mama to two gorgeous little girls. (one step one biological, but when does that matter anyways? 😉 ) She is sending her oldest off to Kindergarten this week and I know all to well that feeling of watching the eldest grow up and go off to conquer the world. Time really does fly by fast — kiss your munchkins now before they start to wipe the kisses off their cheeks!

A Thomas Point of View – Motivational Monday Moment (8/15) : Oh, Tikeetha. Your posts are so empowering and they always leave me with a sense of, “I can do this!”. In this post, Tikeetha touched on some life lessons and words of wisdom her momma has taught her. The part about “investing” in yourself was very moving and it really struck a chord with me. This is a must read!

WONDEROAK – Mom Runs for Beer: Instructions on How to Start Running from a Non Pro: Jess is the blogger behind WONDEROAK and I have been following her for a couple months now. Her posts literally make me laugh out loud. This post in particular is something I swear I have thought before and just never said to anyone and I don’t think I’m the only mom out there that feels like this!

Riddle from the Middle – “Because we are black.” : Laura reblogged this post that she came across that she said had  haunted her and after reading it, I haven’t stopped thinking about this either. I don’t normally address hot topics, but this is a story that needs to be shared and needs to be read.

Making Time for Me – “Making Time for Me” : Stephanie took the plunge this past weekend and got her nose pierced! She told me a couple weeks ago she was thinking about doing it and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “DO IT!” and I’m so glad she did. She is totally rocking it. She also had some time to herself this past weekend with everyone off doing their thing  — I think every mom should have a weekend like that every now and then. It’s nice to hit that restart button! Stop by Steph’s page and wish her a Happy Birthday Wednesday!

Two Thumbs Up Tuesday: 8/9

Two thumbs up tuesday

Tuesday is dedicated to blogs I have come across the past week that I would love to share with all of you!

Home, Hugs and Huskies – Stepmom Sunday: My Stepdaughter’s Hair: I have reblogged a few of Lindsay’s posts before, but this post she wrote on Sunday about taking care of her stepdaughter’s hair is something I can totally relate too. My (step) daughter has super curly hair and learning how to take care of it took ages. I knew someone growing up with hair like Jordan’s and I saw what happened to that kind of hair when it isn’t taken care of properly. Doing Jo’s hair is also something we bonded over the past six years as well. Thank you, Lindsay, for a post that took me back in time! I will be looking forward to your Stepmom Sunday posts every week!

MakeItUlta – Advice from a Dying 24 year-old: I began following Eric for a few months now and he is all about spreading the blog love. This post was a reblog of a post he found. This brought tears to my eyes. The knowledge and wisdom coming from this 24 year-old is inspiring and heartfelt. I feel each and every one of us would benefit from reading this post.

Big and Pinky Toes – A Miracle Worker Took My Picture Yesterday: This mama blogger is now a contributing writer for her local City Mom Blog! Congratulations, friend! If you haven’t checked out this blog yet, it is a must read. Reading this post actually got me looking into the City Mom Blog in my local area as well!

Write into the Light – What if I Have Bipolar Plus Anxiety Disorder: Mental health is a serious issue and it needs to be addressed more than it has. Mental health runs in my family and I have had anxiety most of my entire adult life. This post is informative and I look forward to exploring WiL’s site more!

A Mother of All Trades- Guest Blogger Updates: Jenn is the mama blogger behind A Mother of All Trades! I look forward to her post every week. A few months ago I did a guest blog on her site and now she is currently looking for more guest bloggers! This is an awesome platform to get your blog out there. Shoot her an email at if you are interested in guest blogging!

Hope you all enjoyed these wonderful blogs as much as I did! Stop by and say hello and tell them Jess from Not the Average Mama sent you!

Two Thumbs Up Tuesday: 8/2

Two thumbs up tuesday

Two Thumbs Up Tuesday is dedicated to blog posts I have come across over the past week and want to share with all of you!

The Tired Mama Project: 10 Things I Never Thought I’d Be Thankful For – Erika shares her stories of her sweet baby boy. This post she wrote is very inspiring and gives a positive twist on things we just might not notice being a tired mama. Some times finding the positive in any situation will up lift your spirits.

Breathe. In. Life: An Open Letter To My Oldest Step Son’s Bio Mom – Wow. This is a powerful letter to read, especially being a step mom myself. This step mom has a deep and understanding perspective on the blended family and co-parenting lifestyle. Bravo, mama!

Home, Hugs and Huskies: The Six Things I’ve Learnt as a Step Parent – Lindsay is one of my favorite mama bloggers. This is a post she made awhile back, but reposted for Throwback Thursday. I loved this post then, and still love it now. Being a step parent is tough, but like Lindsay said, she has loved like she has never loved before — and loving like that is so good for the soul.

The Richness of a Simple Life: Thought-Provoking Thursday – Niki is a fabulous blogger, and if you haven’t been over to her blog yet, please do so. She is inspiring, kind and has done nothing but support me through my blogging process. This post really struck a cord with me. I’m reading a book called The Secret and this post reminded me of just that. If you think it and believe it — it will become yours.

A Thomas Point of View: The Bike Riding Chronicles – Tikeetha is one awesome mama and she loves her Munch. Their adventures together and the stories she tells make you feel you are right there with them. This post is happy, funny, and successful! Way to go, Munch for conquering the big boy bike — it’s daunting but never give up!

Thanks again to all these wonderful bloggers who shared their stories with all of us. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Happy Tuesday, y’all!

Two Thumbs Up Tuesday (7/19)

Two thumbs up tuesday

Two Thumbs Up Tuesday is dedicated to blogs I have come across over the past week that I want to share with all of you! 

The Corner Office – We are Broken:  I love seeing Emily’s posts show up in my reader in the morning. Emily wrote this powerful peace about the recent attacks in France and Dallas and how the United States has the Presidential Election coming up in November. Emily made me stop and think with this post and I’m looking forward to more of her views and opinions of this election over then next four months!

A Kinder Way – Kind Thought Of The Day: I told you last week Nikki is an inspiration and I’m not kidding! Her posts resonate with me more and more every time I read them. She’s honest, real and raw. These are emotions and feelings everyone feels, but not a lot of people talk about them. In this post Nikki talks about “following through”.

Half Baked In Paradise – Good God (or The Devil) is in the detail: Osyth (as she goes by) is one of the first people who told me not too give up on blogging and that my voice was being heard. She’s a wonderful blogger who has a magical way with words. Osyth’s heart is always with France, her stories are always so detailed you feel like you were there with her. In this post she writes about some of her thoughts on Nice, France and an experience she had with her stepson and husband. Both very powerful stories.

Life of a Busy Dad – How You Can Be a Better Dad Series: This busy dad of four kids is one of my favorite dad bloggers out there! He doing this awesome series about how you can be a better dad. It’s not just for dads either, moms can use the same advice too! Usually after I am done reading his posts, I will pass them on to my husband to read!

Tales from the Cabbage Patch – old is new again or, as I like to say, the good, the bad and the ugly: This post by Linda made me giggle. I’ve worked in the medical field for a few years as a medical assistant and the things I’ve heard patients say are seriously jaw dropping at times. Looks like Linda’s “new” job will be quite eventful with the good, the bad and the “uglies”.

Thank you again bloggers for sharing these wonderful posts over the past week! I enjoyed reading them and I hope everyone else takes a minute to click and explore these phenomenal bloggers.