Jordan’s Dance Recital With Her Moms


Stephanie’s View

Jessica’s View 

Our daughter Jordan’s dance recital was Thursday night.

About 2 months ago we found out that she was the 32nd act in the show.  This meant that she was 9th after the intermission.  She has never been this late in the show before.  Always in the first part of the show, so we can all cut out sometime before intermission!
Well…this meant that we were going to be in for the long haul.  As soon as I found this out, I text Jess to let her know.  I believe this was before we were “friends” but, I was still well aware of how she “loved” the dance stuff just as much as I do!
I remember when Stephanie told me about the dance recital date and how we can do what we did last year. Last year Matt and I went to Stephanie’s house and I helped Jo with her hair and make up. I love doing hair and make up, especially on Jordan. She just loves getting all dolled up for her recital and I am happy to be her personal make up artist.
A few weeks after letting Jess know about this years recital, we got James’ baseball schedule, low and behold he had a baseball game scheduled for that same night.  Which meant we had to figure how who was doing what.  It seemed easiest and most obvious to just split it down the middle.  Boys go to the game and girls go to the recital.
Matt was pretty upset at first when he saw a baseball game was at the same time as the dance recital. He was actually pretty close to saying he wasn’t going to go to the game because he wanted to watch his daughter dance on stage. I’m not gonna lie. I was pretty shocked he got that worked up about it. “She has one recital a year. I don’t want to let her down.” After talking it over for a few days and telling Jordan that I would video tape her rehearsal so Daddy could watch it, everyone was okay with the decision of who was going where and that no one was letting anyone down.



Buying tickets for the dance recital is seriously like going on Ticketmaster to buy tickets for a JT concert.  They sell out within like 12 minutes!!  I am always on right at 10 to purchase them like a good Mom and I scored Jess, Jordan and I three seats in the front.

When Stephanie told me where our seats were I was pretty excited. We haven’t been this close before, and I kinda felt like we were VIP walking down the aisle to the 2nd row. And she’s not joking about how quickly those tickets sell out – these dance moms don’t mess around. 

Well about a week or so after the tickets went on sale, Jess contacted me to tell me that her in-laws (Jordan’s grandparents) were coming up from Florida for a surprise trip.  They were going to be here over the recital date, did I think I could get tickets?  I told Jess right away that I was so sorry, but that the tickets sell out super fast.
Matt’s parents called us up one morning and said they were planning a trip up to Michigan to surprise the kids for Jo’s dance recital and a couple of James’s games. I was SO excited that they were coming. They haven’t seen one of her dance recitals before and it’s been 3 years since they saw James play baseball (which was T-ball the last time they watched). Then I thought, “Crap. Stephanie and I already made plans, I know those tickets sell out fast, and there is NO way there are any extra tickets floating around anywhere.” I decided to ask her anyways and I was scared to death to even MENTION it to her. She had already bought our tickets and we already set up how the night was going to go. I know she’s not big on changing plans that were already set in stone, but I know how much this would mean to Jordan. Steph didn’t get upset with me, she didn’t yell at me, and she didn’t make me feel like an idiot for asking her for extra tickets. I know we’ve been on WAY better terms lately, but certain situations can trigger people to get upset, and I didn’t want this to be one of those situations. But it wasn’t, not even a little bit!
I felt badly about this for the last month.  I knew that this may be their only opportunity to see Jo in a dance recital and it made me sad that there weren’t any tickets for them.  Well…it turns out that didn’t much matter. They had told Jess that they would show up at the venue and “figure it out.”
I told my in-laws about the ticket situation and they told me “It’s fine. We will just be recital crashers and sneak in at intermission.” LOL. They are seriously that awesome. While Stephanie was on her way back from vacation she texted me about the recital, “Hey, I’ve been thinking…if you want to take Ann to the recital with my ticket, I’m okay with that. I think it would make Jo happy to have Ann there more than she would be disappointed about me missing it.” — What a selfless act, which of course made me cry. I told her no way she was coming with me and Matt’s parents will figure it out! Jordan was going to have BOTH of her moms there, we already had plans and we weren’t changing them! 
They sure did figure it out.  At intermission Jess and I walked Jo up the aisle to go to the bathroom and get her in the staging area.  As we made our way out, her grandparents were there and she was so happy!!!  They said that they had been there and just watched from the back.  After intermission they scouted out seats (more than likely where others like us in years prior had scooted out as soon as their child’s act was done).  
Jordan danced beautifully.  Jess and I both got tears in our eyes as she led her class in their routine.  Even with a special hand wave shout out to the both of us in the beginning.
 I cried like a baby watching her dance. I was THAT mom. I never thought I would be THAT mom, but I was, and I wasn’t ashamed. We watched our tiny dancer on stage with a smile on her face. Twirling, spinning and prancing like a pro. This year was unlike all the other years. These girls knew their dance and they were mostly all in sync. I was so proud. So proud of our little girl. She has worked her butt off since the beginning of the school year on this dance and the day finally arrived where she could show off all of her hard work. She was showered with flowers, kisses and an abundance of love. After the recital we all chatted for a bit outside. Matt’s dad told us ladies to get in a group picture. Stephanie stepped to the side and he told her “You too Steph, get in there!” – “Are you sure?” she said, and we all said “Yes! Come on in!” — We took our first photo together. As mom and stepmom. Supporting our daughter and showing her what the power of love and co-parenting can do.
It was a really fun night that Jess and I were able to spend together with Jordan.  Just the girls.  Just the special girl and her Moms.