Curly Hair Don’t Care

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Tuesday was a big day for Jordan. She had been counting down the days until she got to chop off her hair. She has always had long, gorgeous, curly hair. People comment on it all the time. They always tell her what beautiful hair she has or “There are people that would pay a lot of money for that hair!” and when she was younger she would usually just blush and hide behind me.

I had a little talk with her when she began kindergarten and explained a lot of people are going to comment on her hair most likely the rest of her life. She is very lucky to have such beautiful hair and when people tell you that, you shouldn’t be embarrassed. Jordan asked what she should say to people when they comment on her hair and I told her you just smile and say, “Thank you”. I mean, the girl can walk through Target and be stopped like three times, I’m sure she was dying to find out a way to handle the “awkward” conversation about her hair with complete strangers. She’s very outgoing, don’t get me wrong. She enjoys talking about herself just as much as the next diva second grader, but to be complimented, at least to me, has always made me feel weird and stuck about what to say, especially when it is said by a complete stranger. I figured a little pep talk wouldn’t hurt, and to this day she still smiles at strangers and tells them thank you. Proud mama moment right there.

So when people asked her if she was ever going to cut her hair, her answer has always been, “No way. Nope. Never.” End of conversation. I never pushed it, even though her hair is a pain in the BUTT to maintain. I’m talking special brushes, shampoo, conditioner, the whole works. The second I realized she was going to have super curly hair when she was younger I began the research on how to take care of it, and there is one reason why. I grew up with a girl who had hair just like Jordan’s hair but this girl didn’t take care of it. She didn’t detangle it, deep condition it, or even TRY to save her curls from being fried from heat damage. I was determined Jordan’s hair would NEVER look like this girls, not as long as I was around.

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A couple months ago Jordan was hit with lice…twice. It was mortifying for everyone involved. Her hair was not the easiest to comb through or to get every single little bugger out of there. Even talking about this is making me itch. After the last time she had it, she asked me, “Did I do something wrong to get lice? James told me it was because of the kind of hair I have.” I sat there for a minute, contemplating if I wanted to ring her brother’s neck out now or later because he knew better than to say that to her, but I told her that it was not her fault, and she’s not dirty, and it’s not because she has long curly hair. All different types of hair can get lice and her brother was a butthead and to just ignore him. “Trust me, Jo. I grew up with two little butthead brothers who are now just two BIG butthead brothers.” She then informed me she wanted to cut her hair short but it had nothing to do with what James had said. I told her alright and set the date for the hair appointment.

The second we walked in the door to the salon Jordan ran right over to Mandy and told her how she wanted her hair done and she wanted to cut it SHORT. Mandy looked over at me and I just nodded and pointed to just below her shoulders. As of then, her hair went down to her butt. “Okay big girl! That’s a big change, are you ready!?”, Jordan just smiled and said, “I was born ready!”


Two hours later we had the finished product! Every time she gets her hair cut, I tell her  she can have it blown out straight. It doesn’t happen but once a year so I figured, why not let the girl have it straight. She will be able to use an actual brush and play with it a lot more than she does now. Her hair  when it’s curly will hit just below her shoulders, but man does it still look SO LONG! This was a big step for her and I was so proud at how she was so “Whatever it’s just hair” mentality about the whole process.

“Do you like my hair curly or straight better?” She asked me after she jumped out of the chair. I just looked at her in the eyes and told her, “You look beautiful no matter how your hair looks.” She rolled her eyes and said, “Mom that’s what you’re suppose to say.”

5 thoughts on “Curly Hair Don’t Care

  1. Why oh why do we always want what we don’t have? I would LOVE to have curly hair! I spent years getting my hair spiral permed (Are you too young to remember that?) And one of my best friends who had naturally curly hair would spend hours straightening hers!

    I think Jordan is beautiful either way…but I would LOVE to have her curls! 😉

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      • Tracey and I would be getting ready to go out and I would be fluffing my hair and holding my head upside down and scrunching it like crazy…anything for full curls and volume. She would be beside me pressssssing hers down and using so much heat to kill the curl. 2 hours later….mine would be flat and her curls would be bouncing back to life! LOL

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      • Hahaha we are never satisfied with our hair! I just remember begging my grandma to take me to the salon with her to get curls like she did every Saturday. She would go “have her hair set” aka they would curl and style it, and every so often permed.


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