It’s the Little Things

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I was talking with my Dad earlier last week and he asked me what I had going on the following week. I mentioned that Matt was leaving for Florida on Monday afternoon until Thursday night, so the kids were going to be my little Valentines this year. “Valentine’s Day is next week?” He said. “I better go buy Marilyn flowers on Thursday.”

He says these things every year. My dad is very much against Hallmark holidays and to him Valentine’s Day is one of those. “I don’t need a special reason to buy my wife flowers, so that’s why I’m going to do it on a Thursday. And when she asks me why I bought her flowers I’m going to say, because it’s Thursday.” He’s a funny man, but he has a very valid point. Who needs a certain day out of the year to tell their significant other that they love them? You should be showing your love in your own way every day anyways. At least that’s what I think a relationship should be like.

I’m not saying “bah humbug” to the whole thing, I love LOVE. I love talking about love, I love being in love, I love sharing my love, I truly just love to love. I love writing my husband little notes throughout the year and sticking them in his work bag or showing up at the kid’s school to pick them up on a hot day with slurpees waiting for them in the back seat. I love being able to find little knick-knack’s in a store and giving it to a friend just because it reminded me of them. To me, that means more than a box of Russell Stover chocolates and over priced flowers.

I love a good love letter though. Something truly from the heart. My husband knows that a heartfelt love letter inside a card means more to me than anything he could buy. So when he was getting ready to leave for Florida I went out and bought him a silly Valentine’s Day card, wrote a poem inside, then stuck it in his luggage. I figured he had so much on his plate this week that a card was probably the last thing on his mind, oh but was I wrong. I went to put on my sweats last night and laying on my pillow was a pink card addressed to me.


You are my beginning, middle, and end of my story! You are my all and everything. All we have accomplished lately is truly awesome. Being together, doing together. You are the love of my life, my best friend, soul mate, and partner in crime. You are my Valentine, Mrs Valentino! I love you very much.

Love Always,


*cue the water works*

Even though I don’t “believe” in the huge gift giving, chocolates, and flowers on Valentine’s Day — I’m truly thankful I have a man who knows exactly what I do want, words that come straight from the heart. And if he was here, we would be spending it on the couch, in our sweats, watching Netflix with a cold craft beer.

What are your thoughts about Valentine’s Day? Are you a big celebrator or do you keep it low key?


12 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

  1. I didn’t know Matt was in Florida!!! Hope you are enjoying your time with the kids. I love getting a card, with a special message. I think the same thing that you do, that you don’t need a special day to say “I love you”, but that there is nothing wrong with a day reminding people to spread their love. Just like you, I don’t think its just for romantic love, but for love of friends, God…etc!! Celebrating Love in all of its forms it beautiful. Mine and Paul’s first Valentine’s Day together was when we found out we were pregnant with Noah and then we ended up in the emergency room all night because he was having stomach trouble. So, nothing could top that anyway! LOL. Happy Valentine’s Day. Please tell the kids I said that same. Love you guys

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  2. We’ve never made a big deal about Valentines day. To me it feels forced. Plus the practical side of me comes out…I’d be pissed if Steve paid a ridiculous amount for flowers that would cost half as much the day after…it’s just not something I can get behind.

    now a love letter…sigh…those are never a bad thing. ❤

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    • Love letters are hands down the best gift I could ever receive. Plus flowers die after awhile and those love letters are ever lasting!
      Valentine’s Day reminds me of planning a wedding. The second you mention the word wedding or Valentine’s Day and the price triples. Haha

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