Packing Up Christmas

Packing Up Christmas.png

In the diffuser: R.C. (woodsy blend with hints of ecualytpus) and Lemon

Today was the day we took down all of the Christmas decorations. When we do this we usually dedicate the day to pajamas, cleaning, and relaxing. I usually make it a point to do it right before they go back to school. Kind of like a clean fresh start in the house equals a clean fresh start to the new year at school.

The kids are currently in our bed watching some kid shows. We don’t usually let them in our bedroom to watch TV but I thought why not! It’s the last day of their break before they head back to the grueling world of 2nd and 4th grade, so why not spend it divulging in television in bed?!

This break is coming to a bitter sweet end. In years past I have been dying for them to go back to school, but now that they are older, I’m gonna miss my little sidekicks all day. I guess it’s back to conversations with the dog! Well, maybe not so much. It will be back to work for me once they go back to school.

I took the kids to brunch yesterday! We’ve never done brunch together because we usually aren’t together on Saturday or Sunday, but this week we were and it just so happened to be the first weekend World of Beer started serving brunch. I was amazed at how many kids were in there! Kind of makes you not feel so bad taking your kids into a tavern LOL My excuse is “their Dad is the General Manager/my husband” 😉

I’ve been on my Instagram a lot this past week! I’m really loving how easy it is to use. If you aren’t following me yet, take a look at my social media icons and give them a follow!


Well, looks like it’s back to movies and cuddling before the day is through. I don’t have to worry about dinner because I have the crockpot going with Chicken Taquitos. Mmmmm! Happy Sunday!


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