Goodbye Toxins, Hello Healthy Living


Every day the kids are here they argue over who gets to pick out the essential oils and put them into my diffuser. James usually goes for the calming oils like Stress Away (lime and vanilla), Frankincense, Thieves, and Lavender. Jordan goes straight for the citrus and fresh smelling oils like Lemon, Joy (reminds me of fresh citrus linens), Peppermint, and Tea Tree. I think the oils they pick really says a lot about who they are and how they feel, and if you knew these two you would totally get why they like the smells of each one.


Essential Oils. They have been around for centuries but not in the way we are seeing them now. I personally use the Young Living brand of oils because they just work better for me and my family. I have never been a real believer in all natural remedies or “riding out” a sickness. My mom is in the medical field and medicine was how all our sicknesses, aches, and pains were solved. I had been eyeballing essential oils for the past year and for Mother’s Day I got my very first starter kit with 13 different essential oils and essential oil blends (Blends are different single based oils all put into one bottle). I was more stoked about how they smelled. I really didn’t think too much into how to make them help our family in our daily lives.

I live in Michigan and the winters here can get extremely cold. Which in return gives me a massive headache. I would pop three tylenol or advil every few hours to subside the pain. It just became a routine of mine every winter. My girlfriend who sold me my oils told me to try Peppermint oil on my temples and behind my ear when my headache would start. The next time a headache came on I put the Peppermint where she told me to and within 10 minutes my headache was gone. Poof. Like magic. You’ve got to be kidding me. I couldn’t believe that a simple oil could take away my headache faster than a pill and not to mention I’m not putting toxins in my body.

I started to read about each of the oils and did research on what they could do to help me and my family. I found out that my Thieves oil that James loves so much kills 99.9% of bacteria and can be used as a cleaning disinfectant. The Joy oil that Jordan always picks out helps lift your mood and kick the cranky feeling. The list goes on and on but essential oils can pretty much be substituted for all toxic products that you use.


A month ago we had an instance where Jordan had lice. We didn’t know she had lice and her mom and I both thought she just had a dry scalp. (It is winter and all) When we got home from dinner that night I decided to do a coconut oil and tea tree oil treatment on her hair for the dry scalp. I went downstairs to switch over the laundry and when I came back up I looked over at Jordan and she had tiny bugs crawling down her forehead. I screamed. (of course I screamed, I know, real grown up Jessica) Which in return made Jordan scream, Matt about lost his mind, and James started to inch further away from his sister on the couch. We got a magnifying glass and looked at the bug close up. It was lice. But wait a minute. What made the lice start running out of her hair? Low and behold it was the Tea Tree oil mixed with the coconut oil. I called my girlfriend and she was amazed at how quickly the Tea Tree oil worked. Come to find out, Tea Tree oil suffocates lice and kills them within minutes.  We continued with the essential oil treatment until the morning, then I bought the lice shampoo with the comb. When I began to go through her hair I couldn’t find anymore live lice. I think I found like one more, but that was after combing through her hair for THREE hours. The Tea Tree did it’s job and I didn’t HAVE to dump the lice shampoo on her head but per everyone else’s request, I did. After that instance, not one person in this house questions the powers of Mom’s essential oils.

My favorite experiment with essential oils was adding Cedarwood oil to my shampoo. No matter how hard I try I cannot grow my hair out. I have very fine hair and it ends up just looking stringy when I try for a long do. I read on Pinterest that if you add a few drops of Cedarwood oil to your shampoo when you wash it, it will promote healthier hair growth. To me, this was the ultimate essential oil test. A month went by and my hair not only felt healthier but it felt thicker and was growing! It usually takes a full year to see a difference in my hair length and within a few month my friends were commenting on how amazing my hair looked. They were right too, my hair had a total transformation and I owed all the credit to my Cedarwood oil.


I’ve been wanting to write a post about essential oils for awhile now. I have seen them work right before my eyes and I honestly can’t tell you the last time I took a pill or medicine for a headache, body ache, hair growth, cold, or even cramps. I use my essential oils religiously, and they work! I’m not trying to sell you anything but I wanted to let you in on a secret I feel like I know about.

Does anyone else use essential oils? What oils are your favorite? What are your testimonies?! Have you been on the fence about oils but don’t know where to start? Tell me more!



29 thoughts on “Goodbye Toxins, Hello Healthy Living

  1. I just had my first brush with this same brand of oils and I was blown away. I ordered the starter kit, as well as a Peace & Calming and a Joy. I was at my cousin’s house with a few other families and was feeling a little anxiety last Saturday morning. This is something that happens time to time and I usually just try to power through by ignoring it. I asked if anyone happened to have a half a Xanax, which I normally do not take (unless I’m flying). My cousin’s friend sells them gave me the Stress Away and Peace & Calming and had me rub them on my wrists and the back of my neck. Within 2 minutes my anxiety was gone. I was blown away. She also offered someone the Copaiba for a headache and it took care of it immediately. I should be getting my orders this week and I can’t freaking wait!!!

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    • That’s amazing! They actually have an oily combination that’s called “liquid Xanax”, I haven’t tried it yet but it sounds divine! Stress Away is my son’s go to before baseball games, especially if he is pitching! I can’t wait to hear how much you love your kit! Keep me updated 😊

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  2. I am very tempted but still breastfeeding! Although I am thinking of weaning soon, then I’ll be able to play with essential oils! The way you talk about them, they’re magical!

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  3. My son loves to pick out his “diffuser blend of the day”. He even ask for the “calming stuff” at night. He has ADHD and I have blended a nighttime relax and a mid-day boost for him that help him to wind down at night and focus when he has to start homework in the afternoon. We use oils for so many things! Been an amazing discovery.

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  4. I have found that Copiaba on my ankles is amazing. I have horrible ankle joint pains where I can barely walk but adding oils releases the muscle tension and I love that I dont have to constantly dose with Advil


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