Sunday Dinners at Dads


My cover picture is from our wedding. We got married in my dad and stepmom’s back yard with 70 of our closest friends and family. Just about every Sunday we go to my parent’s house for dinner. It’s usually one of the first questions the kids ask when they come over Sunday afternoon. “Are we going to Papa Grande’s house for dinner!?” And most of the time the answer is yes.

Ever since the kids were little they have always known that Papa Grande and Marilyn’s house is a safe place. A place where they can be goofy, silly, but most of all, safe. The munchkins were learning to live in two separate houses and watching their family grow in size. Double the parents, double the siblings, double the grandparents, you catch my drift. Well, with all that “newness” my dad wanted the kids to know that they were safe there and Papa Grande and Marilyn’s house was meant for fun, love, and family. So over the years they have made themselves right at home at the house that sits on top of Fairhill Drive.

Be still my heart. Back when Jordan had two tiny pig tails and James was becoming a non-stop talker.

Sundays are probably my most favorite day of the week. The kids come back over and we all get to have a family dinner together at Papa Grandes. James and Jordan usually bust through the back door in the house announcing themselves as they enter. The next stop they make are their hugs and then they go straight for the snacks that my parents set out. Fruits, veggies, crackers, and different cheeses. Over the past six years both of the kids have tried new and interesting foods while expanding their tiny palates, and I credit my parents for that.

My dad is from the western Kentucky countryside, a real southern gent 😉 , but he’s a suit and tie man every day of the week (he’s a banker). If you are ever over at the house, you will most likely find my dad outside doing something in the yard. The kids have grown to love the outdoors with him. Walking around the yard, making secret paths, and learning about composting (LOL). Whatever the case may be, a walk around the yard with Papa Grande is always a highlight of the trip.

At a wedding. What you can’t see is my little brother to the left of my dad and my husband standing behind me. Photographers are known to capture amazing candids of us

This past Sunday it was just the kids and I over at the house. It has started to get dark earlier, so by 6:00 the sun had already set. My dad, the kids, and I were outside walking around and we decided to play a game of “hide and sneak”– James is a pro at this game. I never knew he could be so quiet and hold so very still. I felt like a kid again by the end of the game, and it was just what I needed after being sick all weekend, I think it was something we all needed because smiles beamed from everyone’s faces.

My dad reads my blog. I’m pretty sure he reads every post I write. Not a lot of people I know in my day to day life read my blog, but I know my dad does. He will send me a quick text giving me a compliment or call me with tears of joy of how proud he is of me and the woman/mother I have become. He has told me on many occasions “You are a far better parent then I ever was.”. Hearing your father tell you those words–I cannot even begin to explain the overwhelming feeling of love I get, because I know he means it. So here’s to you Daddy! Thank you for our Sunday Dinners. Thank you for loving us all the way you do. We really wouldn’t know what to do without Papa Grande in our life.

At one of the friends and family night for the opening of World of Beer.

24 thoughts on “Sunday Dinners at Dads

  1. So truly sweet! My dad lives 12 hours away, but before I moved, my son and I did the same thing. Dinner at pawpaws! It’s so beautiful to keep a tradition that really gives your own kids the true meaning of important quality time. I think that gets lost a lot more in families. Beautiful post!

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