Wine Weekend in Traverse City


Last weekend was my annual Ladies Wine Weekend in northern Michigan. Every year we get together as the leaves are changing colors and head up north to Traverse City, Michigan to relax and enjoy some amazing local wineries.


We always book a beautiful hotel resort looking over the Traverse City Bay. This year we were able to crack our balcony door open and hear the waves crashing up in the morning. It was just what the doctor ordered. There has been so much craziness and chaos, I was really looking forward to a relaxing weekend.


This year we headed up the Leelanau Peninsula to about ten different wineries. A few of my favorites were:

Black Star Farms, which has a great selection of dessert wines! I love their Raspberry one! A small glass of that with dark chocolate is to die for.

Blu Stone Vineyards, which had my favorite new wine. Pinot Noir Rose. I really wish I would of bought more than just one bottle, but they ship their wines! So I will be ordering more in the future 🙂

Three Fires Wine is a french style winery. This was a new winery for us to stop at this year. The process of making their wine is much different than the Italian style. I loved their buttery chardonnay wine, Intrigue. I think this would make a great wine to serve with Thanksgiving dinner this year!


We had a fabulous time, and no worries, we had our trusty driver Doug who picked us up and dropped us back off at the resort. We book with Doug every year. He knows us all by name and the kinds of wines we like, he’s awesome. If anyone is looking to do a wine tour, I highly recommend Doug!


We had delicious brunches and exotic dinners all over the city. We checked out some of the haunted buildings in downtown TC since Halloween was the following Monday. We also went to a speak easy! I’ve been to one in New York City (nothing can compare to that one), but this one was pretty close. They had smoked bourbon, where actual smoke was coming out of a bourbon bottle that was served to you at the table. I’m the only one who drinks bourbons and whisky’s at the table, so I convinced the girls it was much better to look at from a distance.


As the weekend wrapped up we got to watch The University of Michigan vs Michigan State Football game. All Michiganders know how big of a game this is every year. And this year it was finally The University of Michigan’s year to win big! GO BLUE! I’m so glad they did, one of my girlfriends is huge sports fan, and her ego was so big about U of M winning that she said she would jump in the bay, naked, if they lost. She can thank her lucky stars they won!


That pretty much sums up my trip. I’m going to leave out the part where my son got into so much trouble at school that Friday and I had almost drove home to ring his neck out myself 🙂 but I knew that wouldn’t help any so I let him sit and stew until he had to face me Sunday afternoon. I have a lot of catch up to write about this week. Believe it or not I was sick again and had to make another trip to urgent care this weekend, so I am still playing catch up with reading posts too!


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