Wise Words Wednesday: Moving Mountains


Having a rough day? Need a little pick me up? Wise Words Wednesday is dedicated to just that! I come across amazing inspirational, motivational, and funny quotes all the time and I love being able to share them. You never know who is having a rough day and one tiny little quote can change their whole day around! 


I came across this quote on a stepmom group that I’m apart of. Any other time I would of come across this quote, I don’t think I would of associated it with being a stepmom. But it’s so true. SO so true. I dont’t believe just anyone can hack it in this stepmom gig. It’s not for the faint of heart. There will be drama, tears, anxiety, love, passion, jealousy, and so many other emotions happening at the same time. I truly believe I was assigned this mountain of becoming a stepmom. I believe that I am here to show that these mountains CAN be moved and you aren’t alone in moving them!


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