Two Thumbs Up Tuesday: 10/18


One of my favorite blog days of the week! I love sharing blogs I have come across. Plus isn’t that what sharing the love in this blogosphere is all about?! Sometimes we get busy and miss some pretty awesome blogs throughout the week. With Two Thumbs Up Tuesday I like to share what I found inspirational, funny, or just an over all great read with all of you! Enjoy and Happy Tuesday! 🙂 

From Stepmom to Mom – From Stepmom to Mom : I came across this new stepmama (soon to be mama) blog last week and I love when I find new stepmama blogs to share! I think it’s important to have a tribe of like minded people and for me, that falls with fellow awesome stepmoms. Similar to me, this mama has been apart of her stepdaughters life for as long as she can remember. I think that plays a huge role in how you form a bond/relationship with your step kids.

My Least Favorite Child Today – How To Talk To Your Kids About Donald Trump : Stephen pretty much sums up how we as parents should go about talking to our kids about Donald Trump. If you are in need of a good laugh, especially with the election around the corner, you have to check out this post!

The Tired Mama Project – Putting the Devices Down : Oh Erika, to be honest, I’m pretty sure every single one of us is guilty of this some time or another. I don’t like being the parent telling the kids no more screen time as I scroll down my social media feed. Getting back to the basics is important, especially in families. This is a great read for parents!

The Stepmama – Nosediving into Stepmamahood : This new stepmama and blogger showed up on my feed this week when browsing through stepmom blogs and I’m very excited it did! This southern stepmama is opening up her world to us and I think it would be great if we showed her some love! Being a step parent isn’t easy and it comes with its own individual obstacles but by sticking together we can get through anything!


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