Our Disney World Vacation! Part 2

In case you’ve missed my last like….ten posts, you know that my family headed to Disney World this past week with the kids for their first time! Ten of us all together! The first day we spent at The Magic Kingdom and the second day we headed to The Animal Kingdom.


The first day drained all of us, but the kids. We all got up and ate some breakfast and headed out the door to go to The Animal Kingdom. I haven’t been to this park yet, so I was excited to see what kind of attractions we were going to find. We had my niece and nephew with us who are 2 and 4, we thought this would be a perfect park for them too!

Entering into the park you have the music of The Lion King surrounding you. And if you are as lucky as me, you had your husband in your ear, belting out every word to the song. We thought we started the day off right the day before with an adrenaline rush, why not do that again. We rode the tallest/fastest ride in the park — Expedition Everest. Holy crap was that a thrill ride! We loved it so much we got right back on and rode it again. The kids were screaming so loud, I couldn’t tell which kid was which!


We rode a white water rafting ride next and that was fun, not as exciting as we were thinking it was going to be. I was expecting to be soaked and I made it almost the entire ride without getting wet — until the part where the people on the bridge and squirt you, then Jordan hid behind me and I was soaking wet. Thanks, my darling daughter.

We went on an African Safari ride and saw so many animals that the kids would probably not see in real life — unless they decide to take a real African Safari one day. They were all fascinated with the animals in their habitats without any cages or bars separating us. It began to rain and we headed under a little hut and planned our next move. We thought seeing A Bug’s Life 3D show would be perfect until the rain stopped.

Okay. This 3D show was AMAZING. I felt bad for the little ones because it did get a little scary for them but the older kids were laughing so hard I thought James peed his pants. It was so interactive! They started talking about bugs with stingers and all of a sudden you got a quick poke in your back! Then at the end Flick asks for all the humans to wait for all the bugs to leave first. Next thing you know people all down the row start jumping out of their seats and screaming. What felt like little bugs scurried under my butt on the seat and I damn near had a heart attack! The kids had a field day making fun of Matt and I about how squirmish we got.

As we were walking through different attractions, the kids came across this educational booklet that they filled out along the way with answers about each exhibit. After completing a page they would get a sticker from a cast member. See kids, learning can be fun!


We met a lot of the Disney characters the day before but we got to meet Mickey and Minnie at The Animal Kingdom! I don’t care who you are — meeting Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse will always leave you with a smile on your face. We walked into the room (keep in mind, there is 10 of us) and all the kids were greeted with hugs and high fives. I stepped to the back of the room and took a seat as I watched the magic unfold. The next thing you know Mickey Mouse was standing right in front of me pulling me up. He flirted and let me know that the Detroit Tigers were his favorite baseball team. Matt snapped a picture and it still makes me laugh every time I look at it.


We continued to walk around the park and made our way through Asia, Africa and headed to Dinoland where we met Pluto and Goofy and Jordan got her face painted. By the end of Dinoland we headed out of the park and to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe where we had the BEST service we’ve had in a long time. We celebrated my sister-in-law and my birthday with good food, good beer, and great company.

The last day we spent in Florida we hung around the house, played some games, and splashed around in the pool. We were so lucky to have such great weather while we were there, because as we were leaving to head to the airport, it seemed like everyone was evacuating the state because of Hurricane Matthew (how appropriate, right?). I’m not going to lie, it was scary and sad watching all of these families have as much as they could stuffed into their cars and vans and book it out of the state. We literally made it to the airport and out of Florida hours before Hurricane Matthew hit and the airports closed down. Whew.



You can’t see everything at Disney in two days. Heck you can’t see everything in Disney in two years! So we plan on going again with the kids soon. It was such a wonderful trip and getting a big house for all of us to stay in together was the best move my MIL made. We asked the kids what their favorite parts of the trip were and the FIRST answer we got from both of them was, “being able to spend time with my family.” Not eating junk food, not meeting Disney Princesses, not riding the fastest roller coasters, but spending time with family and doing those things together. If I ever doubt my kids again, please remind me to refer to this post because they blew us out of the water last week!



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