Wine Weekend! 

I’m off this weekend and headed to Northern Michigan for my annual Ladies Wine Weekend! Love my girls and can’t wait to tell you all about it! 


Just Another Manic Monday


Oh, it’s truly just another Manic Monday today. My husband has his Grand Opening of the tavern World of Beer! This really is a dream of his coming true and I’ve been an emotional mess about it all morning. A happy emotional mess, of course.

He took the kids to school this morning then came back home to spend some time with me before we went in. Last night around 3:45 AM Jordan came into the bedroom crying because her throat hurt. She scared the crap out of me when she walked through the door, it has been years since one of them woke us up in the middle of the night. I rubbed some essential oils on her chest (lavender, lemon, peppermint, and melaleuca), set up the diffuser in her room, and sent her back to bed. The weather in Michigan has been going from one extreme to another the past few weeks, so I knew it had to be her allergies.

Matt said she seemed better this morning and she wanted to go to school, so off she went. Matt and I walked in to World of Beer a little after 11 AM and the place was pretty much packed. I took a seat at one of the tables and just took everything in. All the hard work, sweat, tears, long hours, and many many late nights. My husband has done it. He pulled it off!



As I’m going through the beer list and taking everything in, I decide on a nice Oddside Citra Pale Ale. I got up and mingled with some of our friends that showed up early and ordered some lunch as I waited for my beer. I pour my beer and take a seat, then my phone starts to ring. “Kids School” pops up on my caller ID. Well….she made it a lot longer than I thought she would of. I pick up the phone and sure enough it was Jordan crying on the other end because her throat hurt and she tried her best today. I reassured her I was just 5 minutes away and I’d be right there. Oh well, I didn’t really need that awesome and amazing craft beer anyways….

So here I am, laying down on the couch, cuddled up with Jo, watching Hocus Pocus. “Don’t worry,” she just said, “I’m going to make it for Daddy’s Grand Opening tonight. I’ve been bragging about it to all my friends because I think it’s really cool his name is on top of the front door.” 🙂  No worries, little one…brag away!

My Vile Facebook News Feed


Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past year, you know the United States has a Presidential Election coming up in a couple weeks. Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton.

I’m an educated woman and I keep up on my politics and what’s going on around the world. I have my views, opinions, and beliefs of what I believe is best for MY family. I don’t post things on my Facebook about who I believe is better or why the other candidate sucks. On the other hand, my friends on Facebook have gone from posting pictures of their kid’s first days of school, their dance recitals, picture day, and their baby’s first Christmas, to the most vile malicious things I have seen on social media to date.

The name calling is out of control. I saw one friend tell another friend, “Go ahead and vote for your cunt Hillary.” Dear Lord, I couldn’t believe my eyes. These two friends were not raised to speak to each other that way!  Do they know that other people are reading this and judging their character by their choice of words? And by choice of words, I mean the vile disgusting ones attached to attack someone.

This election is out of control, but I mean, hasn’t every election been out of control since social media blew up? My Facebook news feed has blown up with political memes, posts, and rants. I normally just scroll right past them and go on with my day, but lately I’ve been seeing more and more attacks on the person who made the post. Trump supporters are ripping their friends apart and calling women murders and whores because of where they stand on abortion. I see Clinton supporters pointing fingers and saying that all Trump supporters are secret racists and bigots. What’s with the name calling? Why go there?

I know I can’t be the only one fed up with their social media news feeds turning into a pissing contest. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs, it’s one of the reasons that make America great. I believe every person who is voting is voting for the candidate who they think will do what’s best for THEIR family, and you know what, I respect that.

This morning was a breaking point for me and I finally decided to post something on my Facebook. This is what I said:

“It’s really hard to scroll through my news feed and watch friends attacking other friends on their political beliefs. It’s hard reading the hateful things y’all are saying to each other. You know it’s okay to have different beliefs, right? You know, if someone doesn’t AGREE with you, it doesn’t make them uneducated or stupid. At the end of the day, every person who is voting is voting for who they believe will do what’s best for their family. Show a little respect people, we are better than this.”

TGIF: Feel Good Friday!


Oh Friday, I thought you’d never get here. Fridays are for reflecting on my week, remembering the things that I’m grateful for, and the things that made me feel good! I think it’s always a great idea to look back on your week and remember the things that made you feel good. Even if it’s a rough week, and trust me, we’ve all had them, try to find the good that happened during the week. 

*ONE* :::  Well, I’ve been bragging all week about my husband and I’m not going to hold back at  all today. Yesterday, Matt sent me a picture of him in front of his new tavern. He has been working his butt off every day, going non stop, and not once complaining about his lack of sleep and brain that I’m sure feels like mush. But low and behold, today he got his name above the entrance. I’m one proud wife 🙂


*TWO* :::  I watched Bad Moms last night. LOL Oh my gosh — I haven’t laughed so hard. I really needed a movie that gave me a good laugh. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

*THREE* :::  Matt has been working a lot and pretty much the only time I see him is if I go up to World of Beer or right before we both pass out at night of exhaustion. This week I decided to spend my time up at World of Beer helping them get everything set up for opening day of Monday. I have spray painted, put together menus, took chairs out of boxes, organized all the employee uniforms…the list goes on and on, but I had a fun time working beside my hubby. Plus, I know I will get paid in really good craft beer!

*FOUR* ::: The kids and I had some movie nights this week! We haven’t had movie night in awhile. We watched an old Disney Halloween movie called Halloween Town and they loved it. We cuddled up together on the couch and ate cinnamon sugar popcorn.

*FIVE* ::: Fall is here and the leaves have been falling like crazy in our neighborhood. After driving past the huge piles on leaves I gave in and told the kids we were going to rake up the yard for Dad since has been really busy lately. I gave James the rake and lawn bag then went to change into some yard clothes. When I came back out he had almost everything raked up and he raked and made piles JUST like his Dad does. I was so proud of him — he’s really growing up and it made me realize…he really DOES pay attention to us! 😉

What made you feel good this week!?

Throwback Thursday: P is for Pregnancy


I love recycling old posts! It gives me a chance to re-read what I wrote and see if my feelings or emotions have changed about the subject. My husband and I are still trying to get pregnant and I’m very optimistic about it happening. If I believe it, think it, and know it to be true, then it has to happen, right? I have had my months where I’ve broke down in tears and wondering if this will ever happen. I’ve changed my diet and my lifestyle around to make my body as healthy as it can be. It just takes time and patience. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. 





Pregnancy, something most girls and women try not to have before a certain age or marriage. Pregnancy is what I have avoided my entire life before marriage, and after we got married we had a .01% chance of getting pregnant. The irony, right?

The reason for the .01% chance is that my husband had a vasectomy after Little Miss was born. That was almost seven years ago. About three months ago he had a vasectomy reversal. This was something we have wanted to do for years and now it’s just a waiting game with when or if I will get pregnant. I mean, we went from a .01% chance to a 75% chance. That’s a HUGE difference, but we just have to wait and see.

I want to be a biological mother more than anything. I want to watch and feel a baby grow inside of me. I want to wear cute maternity clothes and take “bump” pictures galore. I want a gender reveal party and have adorable themed baby showers. I want to play those ridiculous baby games, and I totally don’t even care that I can’t have a sip of alcohol for nine months.

I want to hear a child call me “mommy” and I want to introduce myself as their mother and not their step mom. I’m not ashamed of being a step mom, but it’s not the same. The responses you get from parents aren’t the same. Everything is really different when you have a biological child verse having just step children.

I want to hear little footsteps running around the house again. I want to watch the munchkins hold their new baby brother or sister. I want to watch my husband hold our baby. I want a rocking chair so I can sing lullabies to him or her when they are fussy. I want to hear their first words and watch them try new foods for the first time. I want to be able to make parenting decisions with JUST my husband. I want to be able to parent and not worry about upsetting another household.  Most of all, I want to watch our amazing family grow.

I know there is no guarantee we will get pregnant, but we have a chance. Now we have a chance like every other married couple does. Our chances are 75%, and we will take that 75% over that crappy .01% any day of the week.

Wise Words Wednesday: Moving Mountains


Having a rough day? Need a little pick me up? Wise Words Wednesday is dedicated to just that! I come across amazing inspirational, motivational, and funny quotes all the time and I love being able to share them. You never know who is having a rough day and one tiny little quote can change their whole day around! 


I came across this quote on a stepmom group that I’m apart of. Any other time I would of come across this quote, I don’t think I would of associated it with being a stepmom. But it’s so true. SO so true. I dont’t believe just anyone can hack it in this stepmom gig. It’s not for the faint of heart. There will be drama, tears, anxiety, love, passion, jealousy, and so many other emotions happening at the same time. I truly believe I was assigned this mountain of becoming a stepmom. I believe that I am here to show that these mountains CAN be moved and you aren’t alone in moving them!

Two Thumbs Up Tuesday: 10/18


One of my favorite blog days of the week! I love sharing blogs I have come across. Plus isn’t that what sharing the love in this blogosphere is all about?! Sometimes we get busy and miss some pretty awesome blogs throughout the week. With Two Thumbs Up Tuesday I like to share what I found inspirational, funny, or just an over all great read with all of you! Enjoy and Happy Tuesday! 🙂 

From Stepmom to Mom – From Stepmom to Mom : I came across this new stepmama (soon to be mama) blog last week and I love when I find new stepmama blogs to share! I think it’s important to have a tribe of like minded people and for me, that falls with fellow awesome stepmoms. Similar to me, this mama has been apart of her stepdaughters life for as long as she can remember. I think that plays a huge role in how you form a bond/relationship with your step kids.

My Least Favorite Child Today – How To Talk To Your Kids About Donald Trump : Stephen pretty much sums up how we as parents should go about talking to our kids about Donald Trump. If you are in need of a good laugh, especially with the election around the corner, you have to check out this post!

The Tired Mama Project – Putting the Devices Down : Oh Erika, to be honest, I’m pretty sure every single one of us is guilty of this some time or another. I don’t like being the parent telling the kids no more screen time as I scroll down my social media feed. Getting back to the basics is important, especially in families. This is a great read for parents!

The Stepmama – Nosediving into Stepmamahood : This new stepmama and blogger showed up on my feed this week when browsing through stepmom blogs and I’m very excited it did! This southern stepmama is opening up her world to us and I think it would be great if we showed her some love! Being a step parent isn’t easy and it comes with its own individual obstacles but by sticking together we can get through anything!



My husband and I both work in the restaurant industry. I think it plays a huge part into why our marriage is so solid. We both understand each other’s work schedules and what working in the industry demands from you. We don’t argue about how much longer do I have to be at work or if he will be home from dinner. We just know some nights I might be home later and other nights he might miss dinner when it’s being served, and that’s OK.

Now my husband is opening up a new store, his store. He is working 12-14 hour days and when he gets home he collapses on the couch and never once complains, because I know, that HE knows in the end, all this hard work will pay off. This is what he lives for, the adrenaline rush of excitement of what this new restaurant will bring. He’s great at his job, he makes the people around him feel like they are important and they matter. He has worked so hard to get where he is today and I’m so proud of him.


Every Monday through Wednesday morning he gets up with the kids. I know I’ve said I’m not a morning person, and I’m not, but even when they were 18 months and 2 years old, I would get up with them every morning. I didn’t complain and ended up adjusting to early mornings for years. Then I started realizing that Matt and the kids could have that time in the morning together without me there. That could be his one on one time with them and get their day started off with giggles and Daddy time. It didn’t mean I’m not important or that I just wanted to sleep in, but with our crazy and different work schedules, I know what it’s like to want to just spend some time with your dad. 🙂 So every morning they are here, Matt is up with them getting them ready for school, while he also gets ready for work, drops them off at school then starts his 12 hour work day. Without. One. Complaint. EVER. When I pick the kids up from school, they are still laughing about the car ride games and fun they had with dad earlier that morning.

I guess this Monday post is turning into a brag fest about my husband, and you know what, I don’t care. I’m so proud of him. Proud of how hard he works. Proud of how no matter how crazy his work schedule gets, he never lets that interfere with his time with the kids. At his new store they are starting their training for all of the new staff (about 100 people) this week, but he’s chaperoning James’s field trip for the Henry Ford Museum this Wednesday because James said he wanted him to be there. That is the kind of man I married and I must say, the kids and I got pretty damn lucky! So yeah, I think this is a TOTAL #PROUDWIFEMOMENT