Feel Good Friday: 9/30


Some weeks are rough and it’s hard to find that silver lining at the end of the day. Every week I like to reflect back and think about the things that made me feel good.

*ONE* :::  We are leaving for Disney World in TWO days! I love family vacations and this is just the ultimate one thus far. Experiencing the magic and excitement with kids for the first time is going to a memory that will last forever.

*TWO* :::  Knowing that there is the biggest surprise ever awaiting the kids Sunday morning makes me feel SO good. I’m a horrible secret keeper and I give the kids props for trying to trip me up the last 10 months, but I succeeded!

*THREE*  ::: I had a great time at the concert Wednesday night. It was a lot of fun to hang out with some girlfriends and let loose. My legs were killing me the Thursday morning from dancing, but it was worth every ache and pain!

*FOUR*  ::: While planning this trip I had some anxiety about how much this was all going to cost us. I mean, a trip for a family of four isn’t cheap. I kept a positive attitude about it and I kept thinking everything will work itself out. Well, it sure did because I found four ROUND TRIP tickets to Florida from Michigan for $342. That’s just unheard of and while getting everything together this week it made me feel good that the positive thinking lead to a positive result!

*FIVE* :::  Matt has been working his ass off at work lately. I mean he has been putting in long hours, sweat, blood, and tears. And I’m so damn proud of him. I’m so proud of how dedicated and hard working he is. I helped out in his new store this week unpacking boxes and watching him work just made me smile and appreciate everything he does. It made me feel good to watch him flourish in something that not just he is great at, but he’s passionate about.


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