Two Thumbs Up Tuesday: (9/27)


Tuesdays are dedicated to posts I have come across that I want to reblog and share with all of you. Sharing the love in our blogosphere is really important to me. Who doesn’t appreciate a shout out on a job well done? 

Scale it Simple – Invite: Fall Feeling Blog Party:  Steph over at Scale it Simple is having a Fall Blog party this Saturday! This is a great way to find new blogs and share some of your favorite posts to a bigger platform. Thanks for the invite, friend!

LovingLahna – To my sweet daughter, :  This mommy blogger wrote this beautiful letter to her infant daughter. I thought this was beautiful and I am going to be working on my own letters to the kids for when they are older.

theeuphoriciraqisinglemom – Do not Judge… : This is one of my favorite bloggers to follow. Not only do I feel a connection with her in some way, but I feel the words she writes. This is a wonderful reminder to everyone to not be quick to judge a family member or a friend. Thank you for sharing this, my dear friend.

Cordelia’s Mom, Still – Fickle Fans : Oh, Cookiecakes never fails to disappoint with a humorous post — but in all honestly. We have all been here and we know what it feels like when our blogging schedule becomes interrupted and our stats go haywire. No worries, Cookiecakes, I’m still here reading!

Lemon Zest – Urinal Rules: A Peak into the Men’s Restroom : I was having a crazy day and then I stumbled across this post — and I’m so glad I did. It gave me a great laugh and some insight as the hilarious yet serious rules that go on behind closed doors in the Men’s bathroom. What do you think guys? Did he nail all the points?


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