Wise Words Wednesday: Growing Up


Words of wisdom, wise words, inspiration, and even a little motivation. That is what Wednesday is all about on Not the Average Mama!


Oh, be still my heart. Yesterday I was talking to Jordan in her room before I made lunch. I walked into the kitchen and found James making the sandwiches. (he’s eight years old, I know he is capable of making his own sandwiches, but I normally just do it.)

I’m watching him grow up right before my eyes.

Making his own sandwiches and stuff.

Being a little adult.

It’s truly amazing, yet made my heart sink a little. He’s growing up so fast and doesn’t really need my help for much of…anything anymore. He’s tall enough to reach plates, cups, and everything else along those lines — and he obviously knows his way around the kitchen. It’s the letting go part. Letting go of the younger years and watching him flourish as time goes on.

The first day of school always does this to me though. Turns me into a sappy mama. A sappy mama who remembers when the little ones really were little ones. BUT instead of being sappy this year, I am rejoicing in the fact that they are growing up to be extraordinary human beings. Well done to our village! We are doing it and doing it well!


5 thoughts on “Wise Words Wednesday: Growing Up

  1. Aww how beautiful is this! You touched my heart with your caring for your son. I love your balance between acknowledging your feelings & wanting what’s best for them. That was so eloquent. Good to reconnect with you 🙂 Blessings, Debbie ps – found this via A Kinder Way ❤


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