Two Thumbs Up Tuesday: (9/6)

Two thumbs up tuesday

I had a nice little break from the world this past weekend but I am ready to get back to my daily blogging schedule. Tuesdays are dedicated to awesome blog posts I have come across over the past week. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 

Hearts Everywhere – “When Co-Parenting Sucks” Club : This is a new blogger I came across last week. I just love the way she writes. You can just see the words flowing from her fingers when you’re reading. I’m excited to read more! This particular post struck me as honest, real, and if we’re being honest here — anyone who co-parents can say there are a few things on this list they have been through.

Momma on the Edge – #severproblems : Oh do I understand server problems and you know what, I’m glad she brought up these points. Some might make you laugh at the thought, but admit it — you’ve been out to eat at a restaurant and might of witnessed some of these things happening. A little kindness goes a LONG way, especially people you are essential sharing your dining experience with.

A Thomas Point of View – Dear White People : Tikeetha has a way of making me feel what she is writing. There are many posts she writes that leave me in tears of joy or sadness or in this case some anger. Not at Tikeetha, but the direction our society is moving. This is a conversation that we need to keep having it’s not something that goes away over night or until the next big social media frenzy begins. This will always be a conversation we should continue having — no matter if you are black, white, brown, yellow, green, purple or blue. Keep it going.

Oh Hey, Shenandoah – I’m raising someone’s husband : I was sobbing by the end of this post. Anyone with a son can relate to these feelings. Every day since James was little I have had these thoughts and it brings such joy to my heart to see the love this boy can give now. I can only imagine the love he will give in his future. #proudboymom

A Mother of All Trades – Life Hacks For The Busy Mom : These hacks Jenn put up are awesome and I can’t believe I haven’t started doing some of these sooner! The popsicle catcher is my favorite so far!


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