25 Things About Me

Earlier this week, two of my favorite blogs to read did a fun post about 25 things you might not know about them. They were really fun to read and at the end of each one they said if you read it until the end then to go on and do the same. So here I am! Thank you Emily and Stephanie for passing this on!




[ONE]   I’ve broken 14 bones in my life. I played soccer for 19 years, and every single broken bone except ONE was from soccer. The one that wasn’t from soccer was my brother kneeing me in my tailbone when we were kids and he broke it. That was the absolute WORST! Try starting 5th grade with a donut looking seat.

[TWO]  I hate zombie shows and I’ve never seen ONE episode of The Walking Dead. Lucky me, both the kids want to be zombies this year for Halloween. Good thing my best friend is pretty much a make up artist.

[THREE]  I sweat when I eat ketchup. I love spicy food but EVERYTHING makes me sweat. You would think I was eating habanero chicken wings when in reality they are mild. I think it’s an intolerance to vinegar, but I’m not sure. Just thinking about this is making me sweat.

[FOUR]  I love making smoothies! Spinach, banana, blueberries/raspberries, greek yogurt, and a splash of orange juice. Mmmmm, I know what I’m going to make for breakfast!

[FIVE]  I use to drink Red Stag Jim Beam whiskey on the rocks. That was my go-to drink anytime I went out. Now…if I had one of those I would be feeling it for like two days. I stick to my wine and craft beer.

[SIX]  Only like six people in my personal life know that I blog. I don’t post my page or posts on my personal Facebook account and I don’t talk about it when I’m out with my friends. I like that this is something I have grown without help from people in my everyday life. 🙂 ( Not that there is anything wrong with sharing with friends or family!)

[SEVEN] I would love to have a treehouse in our backyard. Like from the show Treehouse Masters. If you have never seen the show it is on Animal Planet here in the U.S. and they build these luxury, gorgeous treehouses.

[EIGHT] I’m addicted to every Real Housewives show, except Atlanta. I started watching a few episodes of Atlanta this week though. I can’t help it. It has become a serious problem.

[NINE]  I tried pushing my brother out of a second story window when I was four and he was two. I don’t remember this at all, but my family tells the story all the time. Long story short, I gave my brother some juice and a cape and told him he could fly because the Care Bears just need special juice to fly. I kicked out the screen window on the second floor, got ready to push him and my dad grabbed him right before he fell out.

[TEN]  I hit a deer on the freeway going 75 mph on my way home from work one night last year. Smashed the whole front end of my brand new car and walked away without one scratch. If I had been in my previous car, the cop said I could have died. Thank you, Ford!

[ELEVEN]  I love cows. Like anything that has cows on it, I will buy. Not so much since I’ve got older, but if it’s cute and has a cow on it, I’m buying it. My mom made me a cow costume for Halloween one year — it’s still one of my favorite costumes.

[TWELVE] I just started eating tomatoes for the first time in my life a couple months ago. I LOVE making capreses now!

[THIRTEEN]  One of my brothers is an opera singer and I brag about him all the time! Speaking of bragging, here is his brand new website he put together. http://www.jakeskipworth.com

[FOURTEEN] I’m the oldest out of all of my siblings and step siblings, but when you put us all together — everyone thinks that I am the youngest.

[FIFTEEN]  I love to fish. I never thought I would like fishing, but my husband showed me a whole other side of it. It’s relaxing, peaceful and I totally understand why he loves his kayak so much!

[SIXTEEN]  I’m obsessed with essential oils. I never thought that oils could really help me in my every day life and let me tell you — they totally do. They work and I swear by them! I can’t tell you the last time I had to take a pill for a headache or allergies. I just rub some oils on and BAM — gone. The kids love them too, they fight over who gets the diffuser in their room every night.

[SEVENTEEN]  I’m actually a very shy person and people mistake that as me being a bitch. LOL I don’t know why but when out in front of a bunch of people I don’t know, I usually keep to myself at first. But once I open up — there’s no stopping me!

[EIGHTEEN]  Speaking of bitch. I have a terminal case of Resting Bitch Face. If you don’t know what that means, it means my “resting” facial expression screams “BITCH!” — I totally know I have it and I try to correct it when I notice I’m doing it. Hey, at least I own it.

[NINETEEN]  My husband threw me a surprise birthday party and asked me to marry him all in the same night. When he asked me to marry him in front of fifty people — the first words out of my mouth was “Shut up!” (like in a shocked way) and I think that scared him LOL

[TWENTY]  I love coffee but I can’t have it right when I wake up because of my acid reflux. I usually don’t even end up drinking any in the morning. I might have a cup of coffee three times max a month. Some things just aren’t worth the pain.

[TWENTY-ONE]  I’m a night owl. It might be my job or it might be because I’m totally not a morning person. Whatever the case, my husband can’t hang and I usually have to drag him to bed because he refuses to go to bed without me. So I usually stay up and read blogs I missed during the day after I get into bed. 

[TWENTY-TWO]  I’m very competitive. I apologize beforehand to people who play card games with the kids. They may or may not talk smack while playing UNO.

[TWENTY-THREE]   When I go out to karaoke bars with friends, I always sing Shania Twain “Any Man of Mine”.

[TWENTY-FOUR]  Every time I watch the movie Armageddon, I cry and call my dad. I never call him crying, but I will always call him after the movie is over and talk to him. He has no idea that I do this. Surprise, Dad!

[TWENTY-FIVE]  If you made it this far, I challenge you to do this yourself!