Throwback Thursday: Extra Credit


Thursdays are dedicated to throwback posts or pictures I have found that triggered a funny, happy or even sad memory. It’s always fun to recycle old posts or to tell a story that I might not have told yet. Who doesn’t like reminiscing over old photographs?

Extra Credit

James is our oldest (8) and he is one smart and witty kid. He is mature beyond his years and loves to be a jokester. (I say this now, but ask me next week and I’m sure I might retract my statement) Over the years, his teachers have always told us what a pleasure he is to have in class and he quite the character in class. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or if the teacher is just sugar coating it, but that’s besides the point.

This past year he had a lot more homework and tests than the other years. He obviously kicked schools butt and did great, but he didn’t fail to amuse us along the way.

James is brilliant at math. Seriously, this kid loves numbers and figuring out math problems. I told him that writing and English class is more my forte so whenever that stuff comes around, I’m all his — but math…go ask your father.

Throughout the year the math tests would come home and I began to notice his teacher was adding on extra credit to the tests. I asked him if he knew what extra credit was and he said yes and I explained how important it was to do the extra credit, even if you didn’t know the answer. He asked what he should do if he didn’t know the answer and I told him just guess, but don’t ever leave it blank, because you just never know.

I was going over one of his tests one day after school and when I got to the extra credit, I couldn’t stop laughing.


I mean….those are both true statements, right? AND he didn’t leave it blank!  LOL “I will not blow up.” “I will not get shoved in a locker.”

Well done, my son. Well, done. I see my sarcasm has rubbed off on you. I hope it doesn’t get you into too much trouble in the future!


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