My Heart Aches Today

My Heartaches Today

When scrolling through my Facebook feed yesterday I came across a post from a woman who I knew pretty well in my college years.

Back story really quick: The guy I dated and her now husband were roommates at Western Michigan University and we would hang out together on the weekends. They have been married for years now and have three gorgeous girls. Their youngest was born a preemie earlier this year and spent quite some time in the hospital, but she fought through and is a healthy gorgeous addition to their family.

Back to the Facebook post. She wrote about the out pour of love and prayers they have received from everyone about her husband. That they were going through a very hard time right now with the news of what happened to him. Come to find out he was hit by a car Tuesday night while out for a run. He sustained severe injuries and was rushed to the hospital, where he is still, in critical care.

This couple is a couple I have been envious of since I met them. The love they have for each other can be felt the second they walk into a room. He is a high school teacher and also a soccer coach in their hometown. She is an amazing mother and the two of them have built a beautiful life together, but Tuesday night their world stopped.

I couldn’t help but start crying. I couldn’t imagine what this woman must be feeling right now. I don’t even know what I would do. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I came across the post. I haven’t stopped praying since I read her words. I am at a loss of words, as a wife and as a mother, I don’t even know where I would begin.

My heart aches from them. I don’t usually write about things like this but something just came over me and I had to write, but I just can’t seem to find the right words to say. If that makes any sense at all. At any time your life can change in the blink of an eye. At any moment your world could stop.

The past few months I have been really working on kindness in my life and the life around me. I think if I would of read those words months ago I would of felt angry at myself for holding on to so much pain of my past. That at any moment my world could really be crashing down and instead of being kind and living a life of happiness, I was too busy holding on to anger and hurt. But now, I don’t feel guilt, I feel heart ache for this family and all I can do is pray. I can pray and think positive thoughts.

They started a Go Fund Me Account and for the first time I donated to a cause and they have almost reached their goal in three hours! I am just amazed at the out pour of love and support for this family. Friends and family are truly a powerful gift to have.


Throwback Thursday: Extra Credit


Thursdays are dedicated to throwback posts or pictures I have found that triggered a funny, happy or even sad memory. It’s always fun to recycle old posts or to tell a story that I might not have told yet. Who doesn’t like reminiscing over old photographs?

Extra Credit

James is our oldest (8) and he is one smart and witty kid. He is mature beyond his years and loves to be a jokester. (I say this now, but ask me next week and I’m sure I might retract my statement) Over the years, his teachers have always told us what a pleasure he is to have in class and he quite the character in class. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or if the teacher is just sugar coating it, but that’s besides the point.

This past year he had a lot more homework and tests than the other years. He obviously kicked schools butt and did great, but he didn’t fail to amuse us along the way.

James is brilliant at math. Seriously, this kid loves numbers and figuring out math problems. I told him that writing and English class is more my forte so whenever that stuff comes around, I’m all his — but math…go ask your father.

Throughout the year the math tests would come home and I began to notice his teacher was adding on extra credit to the tests. I asked him if he knew what extra credit was and he said yes and I explained how important it was to do the extra credit, even if you didn’t know the answer. He asked what he should do if he didn’t know the answer and I told him just guess, but don’t ever leave it blank, because you just never know.

I was going over one of his tests one day after school and when I got to the extra credit, I couldn’t stop laughing.


I mean….those are both true statements, right? AND he didn’t leave it blank!  LOL “I will not blow up.” “I will not get shoved in a locker.”

Well done, my son. Well, done. I see my sarcasm has rubbed off on you. I hope it doesn’t get you into too much trouble in the future!