Two Thumbs Up Tuesday! (8/23)

Two thumbs up tuesday

Tuesday is dedicated to posts I have come across over the week and I want to share these wonderful blogs with all of you! I think it’s a fabulous idea to share the love in the blogosphere and who doesn’t like having a post they worked so hard on shared and acknowledged? Well done all of you! Thank you again for these awesome posts! 

Momma on the Edge – The Art of Consequences : Okay, let me tell you about my new favorite blog to read. This kick ass momma writes about her experiences with autism and the craziness of raising THREE boys. I can barely handle raising one boy, I don’t know what I would do with three! This post is about having to dish out consequences — even when you personally don’t want to because you have something excited planned. You have to check out this blog! She’s funny, sarcastic, real and extremely raw. Shout out to you, momma!

Fabulous Fit Mamas – A Superhero’s Perception : Michelle’s post really struck a chord with me. How many times do we as moms or women for that matter look in the mirror and pick ourselves apart? When is the last time you said something nice to yourself? This post made me realize this is something I should be doing more often. Thank you, Michelle!

My Least Favorite Child Today – The Casual Art Of Puking : Oh, Stephen. He always gives me a good laugh every weekend with his tally of his least favorite child of the week. This week seems like twins weren’t making it easy for him to choose. If you haven’t checked out Stephen’s blog yet, you have to stop by. He is a dad blogger of twin boys who never fails in the humor department!

Life & Writings of Barefoot Momma – Living With Boys : This post by Kate made me laugh. Her analogy is spot on and I think there are a lot of other mamas out there that can relate to this, especially being a mother of all boys like herself.

Momma on the Edge – Old : Yes, I understand this is kinda cheating, but I don’t care. I just love this blog so much I wanted to share another post! This is something I have thought about lately, especially with my birthday looming around the corner. I’m not worried about turning 30 next year but there are other things that come with getting older and I think this momma nailed it.

Hope you enjoyed all of these wonderful blogs as much as I did! Stop by and say hello, tell them Jess from Not the Average Mama sent you over 😉 Happy Tuesday!


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