Monday Motivational Quote (8/22)

I just had to share this quote that I found. It literally stopped me in my tracks and I’m so glad it did! This is one quote that rings with truth! 

Monday Morning Round-Up: (8/22)


Monday is dedicated to recap the weekend and the week ahead!

My husband is home! I cannot even begin to explain the feeling when I jumped into his arms. He thought I was going to just swing by and pick him up on the curb at the airport terminal but I ended up parking my car and waiting for him at baggage claim. I swear to you, it was straight out of a movie with him coming down the escalator. I got up and I literally ran right into his arms and he didn’t even see it coming. 🙂 I never thought I could love someone as much as I love him, but I do and I’m not ashamed of bragging about it.

Matt came with me to pick up the kids yesterday and he really wanted to surprise them. He told me to tell them that he wasn’t back from Florida yet and we were going to go pick him up. (I really didn’t want to say that to the kids, I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction I would get and I was praying I wouldn’t get tears) — the kids and I were headed back to the car and I told them the story and they just hung their heads and as we rounded the corner by the garage he popped out and scared them. They were so shocked and excited. It was a beautiful thing to see the kids hug their Daddy and tell them how happy they are to have him home.

So I have this little issue going on here with our oldest, James. He is a great kid, he really is. He is loving, helpful, kind and funny BUT he has these extremely lazy tendencies and it drives me up the wall. Usually near the end of summer his laziness kicks into high gear, it’s like he was working on perfecting it and by the end of summer he has it down to a science. I get it, kids are kids, but when I ask him a question and the answer is “Okay” and he just makes a noise that kind of resembles “Okay” like.. uhhhhaaaaa” and walks away, all I see is red. I don’t know why, but I do. Maybe it’s because I know he knows better or maybe it’s because I know he wasn’t raised in a barn.  He’s wanting more freedom but can’t seem to talk like an eight year-old boy.  “I can do this myself!” he will demand, “Oh yeah? Well, if I have to remind you daily to brush your teeth because you keep telling me you aren’t doing it when I am telling you to or your mom is telling you to, then I don’t think that really qualifies you for more responsibility. And don’t get me started on your underwear dude…” I love the kid to death, he’s my son, but damn…

I was nominated for a couple of things this week! Tikeetha nominated me for the Happiness Tag and All In A Dad’s Work nominated me for the Black Cat, Blue Sea Award. Thank you, friends! I will get on that this week!

I also was asked to blog for The Huffington Post — I sent them a rough draft last week and they sent me an email to set up my personal bio with a picture for them. This is all really exciting and I’m looking forward to contributing to this awesome news outlet.

Happy Monday!