Reblog: Money

I usually share my favorite posts on Tuesday and I already have one from this mama all set up for this coming up week, but I read this post and I just had to share it. This post right here is real and honest. I feel you on this one, mama!

Momma on the Edge

imageBrace yourselves lovelies…Momma is about to get all philosophical on your ass!

I was woken up by my husband at o’dark thirty this morning because he can’t seem to get ready for work without sounding like he’s building a house. #wifeproblems

Half asleep I came downstairs, mixed up my magic coffee potion and came out to my porch to assume my normal morning position. It was pitch black out because much to my dismay, I was up before the sun.

Being groggy and drinking my delicious coffee got me thinking about life and how twisted it is. How the average American works their ass off and barely scrapes by. How our lives our controlled by the almighty dollar. Sure we love our family and friends and what have you. But we are all hamsters on a wheel, chasing money to pay for material bullshit.

Do I know how to…

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