Two Thumbs Up Tuesday! (8/16)

Two thumbs up tuesday

Tuesday is a day I set aside for shout outs to blog posts I have come across over the past week! Spreading the love on the blogosphere is something I enjoy doing! I hope you all can take some time to go through all of these phenomenal blogs! They are totally worth the read! 

Everyday Dusty – Time Flies (Cliche, but true) : Dusty is a mama to two gorgeous little girls. (one step one biological, but when does that matter anyways? 😉 ) She is sending her oldest off to Kindergarten this week and I know all to well that feeling of watching the eldest grow up and go off to conquer the world. Time really does fly by fast — kiss your munchkins now before they start to wipe the kisses off their cheeks!

A Thomas Point of View – Motivational Monday Moment (8/15) : Oh, Tikeetha. Your posts are so empowering and they always leave me with a sense of, “I can do this!”. In this post, Tikeetha touched on some life lessons and words of wisdom her momma has taught her. The part about “investing” in yourself was very moving and it really struck a chord with me. This is a must read!

WONDEROAK – Mom Runs for Beer: Instructions on How to Start Running from a Non Pro: Jess is the blogger behind WONDEROAK and I have been following her for a couple months now. Her posts literally make me laugh out loud. This post in particular is something I swear I have thought before and just never said to anyone and I don’t think I’m the only mom out there that feels like this!

Riddle from the Middle – “Because we are black.” : Laura reblogged this post that she came across that she said had  haunted her and after reading it, I haven’t stopped thinking about this either. I don’t normally address hot topics, but this is a story that needs to be shared and needs to be read.

Making Time for Me – “Making Time for Me” : Stephanie took the plunge this past weekend and got her nose pierced! She told me a couple weeks ago she was thinking about doing it and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “DO IT!” and I’m so glad she did. She is totally rocking it. She also had some time to herself this past weekend with everyone off doing their thing  — I think every mom should have a weekend like that every now and then. It’s nice to hit that restart button! Stop by Steph’s page and wish her a Happy Birthday Wednesday!