Throwback Thursday: Make Up With Daddy


Thursday is dedicated to previous posts or throwback pictures with stories. Some stories are serious, some are emotional and others have some humor to them. 

Make Up With Daddy

Jordan has always loved playing with make up and dressing up. When she was really little she would always ask Matt to play make up with her and he would tell her no every time. She would walk away with her head hung and ask me if she could put make up on me. I would say yes and that would usually perk her up a bit.

One evening I talked to Matt about the make up and dress up with Jo. “You know,” I told him, “she won’t want to spend time with her daddy in about 10 years, she will think you aren’t ‘cool’ anymore, if I were you, I would just embrace it all and just go all in — make up and all.”

He sat there and thought about it for a minute, acknowledged I was most likely right and said he would give in to some of it.

A few days later when the kids were back over,  Jordan asked Matt if he wanted to play with her, he said “what about dress up and make up?” Oh boy did her eyes light up like a Christmas tree. “ALL my make up?!” she asked, “All of your make up.” he responded.

They were in her bedroom at her vanity for a good 10 minutes and out emerged my glossy, sparkly husband with Jordan proudly walking behind him.

“Look how pretty Daddy is!”


Her face is priceless. I think she was just as shocked as the rest of us were that he agreed to it all.

So fathers, play with your daughters. Play dress up, make up, belt out the lyrics to every Taylor Swift song with her and enjoy every second you get together. One day your little girl will be all grown up and “playing with daddy” will be a memory of the past. Soak it in. Show her real men play dress up and make up with their daughters. Show her that even if it’s something you DON’T want to do, you do it for her.

Now, these are times I’m thankful he doesn’t read my blog every day, because if he knew I posted this picture of him he would most likely kill me LOL.

This story is just another reason of why I married this man. He loves his children and he is a fabulous father. How many dads do you know would let their daughters put make up on them? Well, I’m lucky to be married to one of them.