Wise Words Wednesday

wise words

Wednesday is dedicated to quotes I have come across that made me stop and think, laugh, or even get emotional over. There are time I have come across quotes on other blogs that changed my entire day. I’m hoping Wise Words Wednesday can do the same for you!


The first thing that  came to my mind when I read this is how every time we drive through Georgia to get to Florida a mosquito somehow ALWAYS gets in the car and bites all of us for hours. Seriously, every time and it’s so bloody annoying. That mosquito might be little and hard for us to see but it sure finds a way to bite every single one of us. Just like life or blogging for that matter. I might have my own little corner over here in our blogosphere, but I feel I have made a difference in my own way. I have received multiple emails over the past month from readers who are sharing their story with me and telling me how much I have helped them with the struggles of being a stepmom. That my friends, is an amazing feeling to have.

What are your thoughts on these wise words from the Dalai Lama? How did you interpret this quote? 

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Come join in on the fun at Niki’s Meet and Greet this weekend!

The Richness of a Simple Life

This week is flying by! I haven’t had a chance to get the word out, this weekend is meet and greet weekend! Make sure to help me spread the word so your neighbors in the blog community know where the party is!

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