Monday Morning Coffee: 8/8

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Monday is dedicated to a round up of my weekend and what the week ahead looks like! 

Well the day has finally come. I dropped Matt off at the airport at 5:30 am and I think it’s safe to say that I held it together in front of the kids. Last night they both mentioned to me how much they were going to miss Daddy while he was gone. I told them to think of it like Dad is just at work really late so he can’t see you tonight, but he always comes in and kisses you goodnight. That seemed to put a band aid on that for right now.

Last week I got a phone call from my mom and she needed my help down in Indiana as soon as I could get down there. I told her I would be there Monday after we dropped Matt off at the airport and stay until Thursday early morning. So. That is where we are headed this very minute. We dropped Matt off at the airport and are now headed down to my childhood town in Indiana. Just the kids and me. This is my first road trip with just the three of us and I’m actually really excited! They are fun road trip buddies, and this is just a four hour trip, nothing compared to our 20 hour + trip to Florida every year.


So this week we will be spending it at “Mommy Kim” and Larry’s house. Steph told the kids earlier this week that we would be making a spur of the moment road trip to visit Mommy Kim and Larry and when we picked them up today they were beaming with excitement to see them. The funny thing is, when the kids get back from Indiana they are going straight to Ohio to stay with their (step) dad’s parents for the weekend. It looks like it’s a (step) grandparent’s week for the kids!

Last week a few tips I had contributed to the Huffington Post for a Childless Stepmom article was published. It’s always exciting to get an email from someone who would love your input and tips, especially if it is the Huffington Post!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday! Here is a little quote that I hope puts at least a little smile on your face.



Quote Challenge! Day THREE!

(oh my gifts!)

As always, this was such a fun challenge. I really enjoy searching through the vast amount of amazing quotes out there, plus I always find some extra ones for future posts!

Thank you so much, Stephanie for the nomination! Stephanie is the blogger behind Making Time for Me. She is one of my favorite bloggers and it’s not because she is my stepkid’s mom😉 She is one of the realest bloggers out there and if you haven’t checked her out yet, you are truly missing out. She’s an inspiration and I’m lucky to call her my friend!

Now on to the rules and the quotes!!

  • I will provide you with 3 new quotes on many topics each day for three days, maybe in a row, maybe not so in a row.

  • I will nominate 3 new bloggers each day for three days, or when I post other quotes

  • Thank the lovely writer who challenged you 

  • Let the bloggers you have challenged, know about it 


I love music, I love lyrics, and I love country music. Today my quotes are from some of my favorite country songs. Country music always tells a story and that’s what I love about it. Since Matt left this morning, I chose country love songs. Without further adieu, here are my final three quotes!



Oh Thomas Rhett. He has a way with words. I didn’t hear this song first, my husband Matt did, and I’d like to mention he didn’t listen to country music before he met me and he’s just as obsessed as I am now. He told me that this song reminded him of me. It was totally out of the blue and it totally made my heart melt.


This is a Brad Paisley song called She’s Everything. This was also our wedding song. We saw Brad Paisley in concert a week ago and it was amazing to see our wedding song played live.


Brett Eldredge is up and coming country star who has a good variety of love songs. This is one of Jordan’s favorite songs to sing because she puts her hand on her hip and sways side to side with the words. I’ve had her hooked on country music before she could really even talk. LOL

Now, I am nominating anyone who would like to participate!