Feel Good Friday: (8/5)


Friday is dedicated to five things that made me feel good this week. Doing this each week has helped me reflect and remember that there are always things around me that make me feel good through out the week. What made you feel good this week?

*ONE* ::: Matt, the kids and I went kayaking on Tuesday in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was beautiful weather and an excellent way to get some family time in. I packed us all sandwiches and we headed off down the river for a 2.5 hour ride. This is something we will for sure do again!

Jo in the kayak with Matt. James and I are in front of them in the green kayak.

*TWO* ::: One of my best friends is going through a rough break up right now. I watched her pick herself up, find an apartment, get everything all set up and move in within a week! I am so proud of her for standing up for herself and watching her take control over her own life makes me feel so good!

*THREE* ::: This week James was HILARIOUS! The older he has got the more witty and funny he has become. We were all sitting down watching a movie and a teenage girl kissed a teenage boy. I looked over at Matt and said “Man babe, how are you going to handle that when that day comes?”, as usual when anyone makes comments like that about his baby girl, Matt got a little flustered and without missing a beat James said, “You just have to let it happen, Dad. You want grandchildren don’t you?” — I haven’t laughed that hard in so long. I looked over at Matt and he was just sitting there in complete shock. LOL.

*FOUR* ::: I had a family emergency come up and I have to head down to Indiana as soon as I can. It felt SO good to be able to talk it over with Stephanie and work it out to where the kids can come with me and I can drop them off a day late. It took like two minutes to figure out and I had her full support with anything that I needed. I’m telling y’all, co parenting can work if you work together!

*FIVE* ::: I discovered Rosè wine this past week. Ah-may-zing! It’s the goodness of red wine with the chill of white wine. After the craziness and travel going on, I have appreciated coming home to a glass of that every night. And it may or may not be Bethenny Frankel’s Skinny Girl Rosè (I just couldn’t resist).