Throwback Thursday: The Magic Wand


Thursday is dedicated to throwback posts or pictures that have a meaning and story behind them. Over the past few weeks looking for old pictures has been a lot of fun because the memories have come flooding back like they happened yesterday. 

The Magic Wand 

About four years ago, Matt got a phone call from Stephanie (the kid’s mom) saying Jordan was in a lot of pain because her knee hurt and wouldn’t stop crying or screaming. Steph and Paul decided to take her to the hospital and would keep us updated. They released her shortly after and told us to ice her knee if it hurt and to walk around on it so it wouldn’t get stiff. No serious injury, but now that I think about it, it was probably just some major growing pains.

When the kids were dropped off at our house their mom mentioned that Jordan was favoring her opposite leg and limping. I began to assume Jordan must of loved all the attention she was getting from her “hurt knee” — being waited on hand and foot — having one on one attention from mom all weekend. So Jo waddled in and started complaining about her knee. I looked over at Matt and could see his patience with this was going to run thin since we all knew she was perfectly okay, she just needed to walk around normal on it.

Jordan sitting with Matt on the couch, icing her knee and coloring with her daddy (2012)

I remember pulling Matt in the bedroom and telling him to just go along with what I was about to do. I told him to go out and distract her for a bit while I looked for the necessary objects I needed. I was knee deep in Jo’s dress up box, covered in glitter and feathery boas, when I found exactly what I was looking for!

I popped back out into the family room and whipped out a glittery magic wand. “Do you know what this is?” I asked her. “My magic wand!” she said. “Do you know the kind of magic powers this special wand has?” She stared at me with her eye bugging out of her head, “Well…I actually know a few magic spells that can make anything disappear, like how your knee hurts…I can make it magically go away with this wand right here!” She studied my face for a minute and I let her hold the wand to examine it, then she said, “Okay Jess, you can try now.”


Thinking about it now, I’m sure I looked ridiculous spinning around in a pink tutu with a glittery wand, but I wanted to show her that it was all in her head. “Abra Ka Dabra Disappear!” I twirled the wand in a circle and bopped it on her knee. I picked her up and stood her on her feet and she began to walk normal. “You did it, Jess! It disappeared!” I looked over at Matt who was just looking at me jaw dropped. I gave him a quick little smile and went about the rest of the day, feeling like a freaking champ.

I remember not too long after that Jordan was back at her mom’s house and something happened to where she needed “the magic wand Jess has and the magic words.” Stephanie texted me and explained to me the situation and asked what the exact words I used because Jordan was demanding the exact words. LOL When she told me that, I had a smile plastered across my face. Again, this was four years ago, two years into me being a stepmom, so that was a huge victory in my book.

Now if you ever talk about injuries or getting hurt, Jordan never hesitates to remind all of us about the time she “broke her knee” but “Jess fixed it with her magic wand.”