Wise Words Wednesday

wise words

Wise Words Wednesday is dedicated to quotes I have have stumbled across that struck a cord with me. Sometimes these quotes will be serious, motivational or even have a little humor it. Whatever the case, I hope they help all of you as well!

plants, pots, seeds and tools

“When a flower doesn’t bloom

you fix the environment

in which it grows,

not the flower.”

>> Alexander Den Heijer

I don’t know why, but this quote just hit me like a ton of bricks. It took me years to realize that it isn’t always me that had to change when I was around certain groups of friends. It was the environment that I was in that needed to change, and once I changed that — everything else seemed to fall into place. So when you feel like you are headed down the wrong path, stop and change your direction, change your environment and see what happens. You might just discover a better version of yourself you like more.