Monday Round Up: (8/1)

monday round up

Oh, Monday. You came way too fast, but I must admit, I like being back into a some what normal routine.

This past Thursday through Saturday Matt and I went down to Nashville, Tennessee! Country music every where! Nashville is known for being the home base to many country artists. We walked around downtown Nashville and stopped by Antique Archaeology which is a store that is on the TV show American Pickers. They had tons of shops with locally made items. I’m a sucker for all things made locally.

We took a tour through the Country Music Hall of fame and it was actually pretty awesome to walk through. It was literally like going back in time and following the story behind country music and where it originated from. If you are a country music fan, I highly recommend making a stop there. It was worth every penny. ($25 per person, not too bad for a two hour tour)


Boy, did we eat good. I had some delicious meals while down south and I don’t regret one bite. We had amazing breakfast at Biscuit Love and Another Broken Egg Cafe. The menu at both places were so unique I could have tried one of everything. A giant cinnamon roll sliced and made into french toast with banana foster topping and fresh berries. The kids would of thought they died and went to heaven eating that, because I sure did!


One night Matt took me to a place called The Farmhouse, which is a rustic wooden walled restaurant with very neat antique farm pieces placed around to give it a more authentic look. The menu was insane, almost everything they use in their dishes is from local farmers, again, I’m a sucker for local made things! We ate crispy pig ears, which tasted JUST like candy bacon. And for the main course….a pastrami poptart. Yes, you heard that right, a pastrami poptart. Pastrami stuffed inside a crispy made square crust with mustard cabbage, shallot jam and goat cheese. I was sold at the goat cheese.

We ended our trip with a night on Broadway Street which is known for their live music and honky tonks. Best. Night. Ever. It was so much fun listening to live country music played by some amazing local artists who are trying to make it in the country music world. By the end of the night, Matt had completely lost his voice. I think that’s a sign of a successful evening out, singing our heads off to country music.


My little brother lives about an hour north of Nashville. On our way home we made a pit stop and had lunch with him and his girlfriend. It was nice to see him, because with our busy schedules, we rarely get to see each other. I am very close with both of my brothers, so seeing them always makes my heart happy.

Early Sunday morning, after we got home from Nashville, Matt and his friends went on a muskie fishing charter on Lake St Clair here in Michigan. They were like little boys, so excited to go out and catch some big muskie. Well, they sure did catch some big ones. All of us wives were getting picture messages of them all day. By the looks of it, he looks pretty proud to me. (Everything they caught was catch and release. The charter captains took extra precautions when releasing the muskie back into the lake and making sure they were swimming before heading off.)


After the boy’s fishing trip, nine of us went to the Detroit Hoedown which is a bunch of country artists playing on three different stages at an outdoor venue. It was super hot and very crowded. It is usually a three day event, but this year they crammed it all into one day at a smaller venue. We did get to hear Brad Paisley sing our wedding song — which was pretty awesome to see live.

It’s safe to say I had a fabulous weekend in Nashville with my husband. We have some great memories to add to the memory bank and a list of things to do the next time we head down there. Now it’s back to reality and back to prepping for Matt to head to Florida next week.