Monday Morning Coffee (7/18)

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What a week. Last week I wrote about all the fun things my husband has planned for us next week. Thank goodness I did because I wrote down the wrong dates the kids were going to be at church camp and Steph saw my post so she was able to remind me! So it looks like we won’t be going to Cedar Point with the kids, but we didn’t tell them about it – so no one was sad or had tears!

We had a great time at our friend’s house on Saturday night. It was nice to be able to get together, talk and catch up on things we have missed over the past 3.5 years. Which we missed a lot, her two pregnancies, our wedding and how we are working on growing our family. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw a little version of her running around their house calling her mommy. It’s amazing to think we were just two middle school girls and now we are moms with kids.

I woke up in the middle of the night after we got home and was sick for hours. I think I got a total of 3 hours of sleep throughout the entire night. I was miserable yesterday and was thankful the munchkins were understanding and helpful. My dad called me after both kids were at the house and invited us over for dinner. What a life saver because it was just what I needed. My parents hung out with the kids playing catch and corn hole while I relaxed and Matt was at work.

So thinking I’m in the clear today — here comes the lovely monthly reminder that; I Am Woman. Hear Me Roar. (I’m sure you all know what I mean) So I am laid up yet again on the couch while my wonderful kids do their chores, play together nicely and share their chapter books that they both have.

Today I am thankful for our well behaved children, Midol and heating pads.

We have a pretty routine week this week at the Valentino house, with the exception Matt and I are going to the Wild Beasts Wild Wine this weekend. It’s an event put on every year at the Detroit Zoo and local wineries come and you get to walk around trying out the new Michigan wines. MMMmm wine. Is it Friday yet?


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