Feel Good Friday: 7/15


Happy Friday! Fridays are dedicated to five things that made me feel good this week!

 *ONE* ::: My first week of blogging every day has been a success! It was enjoyable and I look forward to the weeks ahead. It also helped spark some ideas for other blog posts! I knew I was capable of doing this and there are some tweaks I will make over time, but over all I feel really good about the direction my blog is headed!

*TWO* ::: Celebrating my husband’s birthday is always a lot of fun, especially when the kids are involved. They love being able to make Matt cards or pick out the silliest one at the store. We had a blast making the fishing cupcakes for him and he got a real kick out of it. Matt’s ideal kind of birthday is one spent playing with the kids. Seriously. I asked him what he wanted to do for weeks and his constant response was, “Just play and be with you and the kids. That’s all I want to do.” Hearing him say that made me feel good and knowing he got just what he wanted made me feel even better.

 *THREE* ::: Our neighborhood has been “in repairs” for the most part of the past four months. Tearing up the sidewalks and yards to repair old gas lines. It is what it is, and I’m thankful they are repairing them, but it does put a damper on bike rides when sidewalks are missing sections of cement. Well, Wednesday they filled the sidewalks with new cement for the entire street. Once they were gone I asked the kids if they wanted to carve their initials in the new slab of cement in front of the house. Their jaws dropped and they sprinted outside. Watching how giddy yet very precise they were made me feel good. Here is our rebel masterpiece.


*FOUR* :::   Matt and I are having dinner with old friends this weekend. Friends we haven’t hung out with in probably three years. I’m nervous yet excited to see my old friend, she’s had two babies since I’ve seen her, so this makes me feel good that I finally get to meet them!

*FIVE* ::: I finally got to see Finding Dory. It has been a crazy summer since the kids got out of school, but Tuesday we found time out of our day as a family to go see it. The kids brought along the Dory stuffed animal we have and we enjoyed an hour and 45 minutes of Ellen as a blue tang. It was wonderful and I was sobbing by the end of the movie. I swear, they really get the parents at the end of these Disney and Pixar movies now-a-days. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, GO, but bring the tissues!


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