Monday Morning Coffee: 7/11

La maison (1)

Last week was quite eventful! I came up with this new weekly blogging schedule that I’m pretty excited about!

Saturday,  one of my girlfriends, Matt and I went to downtown Plymouth for dinner and discovered they had their huge annual art fair going on. Thank goodness out wait time at the restaurant wasn’t long or I would of spent a lot of money! I’m a sucker for art fairs!

Matt also informed me of some exciting news! The last week of July we are taking the kids to Cedar Point, which is a large amusement park, for a couple days — one day for roller coasters and another for their water park! We have been waiting for the kids to be tall enough for all of the rides and I think the year has finally arrived! I LOVE roller coasters. My dad and I use to ride them together when we took family vacations to Kings Island or Cedar Point. We can’t wait to build these memories with the munchkins!

After telling me his exciting plan with our family he told me he had a long weekend getaway set up for the two of us at the end of that week! He won’t tell me anything about it, and I hate knowing about surprises and having to wait but knowing him, it will end up blowing my mind and be worth the wait! Apparently it is out of state, but not tropical. (he obviously had to tell me not tropical because if we didn’t end up in Florida, I’d probably be disappointed from getting my hopes up LOL)

Matt’s birthday is this Wednesday. I’m telling you, this man is showered with gifts for a month! He has our wedding anniversary June 15, Father’s Day is usually right after that, then he has his birthday July 13. The kids and I got him a couple of the new Clive Cussler books, the movie 13 Hours and this pretty cool survival bracelet. I’m glad there was still ideas left over after all of the other celebrations! The kids and I are making him special cup cakes too. I found the idea on Pinterest for fishing cup cakes. We will see if this will be a fail or not! I have faith!

Today the kids are headed to their friend’s house to swim this afternoon. They are so excited I bet they even had dreams about it last night. I swear they were fish in their previous lives.

Well, looks like my coffee is running low and the laundry is calling my name!

Happy Monday!



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