The Fear of the Big Girl Bike

The fear of the big.png

Yesterday was the 4th of July and we were all home as a family. We all got up and got things around the house done, then headed to the soccer and baseball fields down the street. Jordan got to work on her soccer skills and James was able to work on his baseball technique with his Dad. After a few hours at the fields we headed home for some lunch and got ready for a bike ride.

Jordan got a new bike for her birthday in April. It’s a real deal big girl mountain bike, and it’s truly just her size. It has a kick stand, gears, breaks that are on the handlebars and of course it is a girly purplish-pink color . When she first jumped on the bike a few months ago and realized this bike was a big girl bike, she froze. She kept saying she didn’t want to try it just yet because it scared her. This shocked me. Jordan is fearless. I have seen this girl conquer fear after fear the past 6 years and this bike is the first thing I’ve seen stand in her way.


I put on her knee pads and helmet and looked over at her fear stricken face. Matt told James and I to head off down the street and that they would catch up to us. I hesitated at first, but we headed down the drive way and down the street. About 10 minutes go by and Jordan still hasn’t moved from the spot on the drive way with Matt. James and I looped back around and I looked over at him and said ,”Well, I gave Dad some time to get her going, think I should go give it a shot now?” He laughed and said “Yeah, good luck!”

I’m all about being completely honest with the kids when they have legit fears. I walked up to Jordan who was still stone cold frozen on her bike next to her Dad. “What’s going on?” I asked her. “I’m really scared. I don’t want to fall and get hurt. What if I break and go flying forward and hit my head?” —

“Well…you’re probably going to fall, but everyone falls when learning. If you don’t try, how are you ever going to know? You have your helmet and knee pads on to protect you. You went on almost EVERY roller coaster last year at Worlds of Fun. YOU are in control of this bike. YOU are bigger then this bike. YOU show the bike who is boss. I believe in you, I know it’s scary, but if you can ride all of those scary roller coasters, I know you can show this bike who is in charge! You are a Valentino and Valentino’s never give up! But you have to at least TRY.”


She looked at me, wiped her tears and we headed off down the  drive way….and she was showing that bike who was the boss! “I’m doing it! You gave me the best pep talk! Dad, why didn’t you just say everything Jess said, she obviously gives the best pep talks. I’ll just go to her next time.” LOL Oh poor Matt….he just shook his head and laughed.

I was just straight up honest with her. I told her yeah, you might fall, not gonna lie to you sweetheart, it could happen. But it’s all about how you will get back up and show the world that you won’t let it knock you down and get away with it. I’m proud of her. I’m proud of her for facing her fear of this big girl bike with all of its gadgets. She’s a Valentino and she proved to us that Valentino’s really never do give up!


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