Reblog: Save the Best for Last

These words spoke right to my heart and brought tears streaming down my face. Beautifully written Stepmomincognito ❤

Stepmom Warrior

My husband’s ex-wife once told me that she believes I am “threatened by her”. She also mentioned to others that I am “jealous of her.”I didn’t agree with these statements, but these comments forced me to take a look inside and self-reflect. What I discovered was eye opening.

I realized I am not jealous of his ex-wife, but I am jealous that she took all of my husband’s firsts. I felt his firsts should be experienced with me, his true love.

His first home was bought with her.

His first engagement was with her.

His first wedding was with her.

His first baby was with her.

His first honeymoon was with her.

All of these thoughts initially made me feel sad. I wanted to have all his firsts, but that wasn’t the reality. I had to grieve the loss of not being there for all of his firsts and shift…

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One thought on “Reblog: Save the Best for Last

  1. Wow, this is SO true. Even though I had my “firsts” with my ex-husband, I went through a phase feeling angry that I didn’t get to experience those “firsts” with my second husband. We don’t have kids together…with my two and his two and various other factors that came into play (kids’ ages, our ages, finances, careers) we decided our family of 6 was complete, although it was a not an easy decision to make. I also felt angry that his ex-wife got to have all those “firsts” and then she went and had an affair and ripped his life apart. Her mistake was obviously my gain, but it came at a huge emotional cost for my husband and his children. So even though I’ve had to let go of being each other’s “firsts”, I will instead focus on being each other’s “lasts” and we both came into this marriage with more experience and wisdom than we had the first time around and continue to grow and learn together as a team.


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