Kindness Challenge: Week 3 – Showing Kindness

This week for the Kindness Challenge we are focusing on acting and reacting from a place of kindness.


I would say this past month I have found myself acting and reacting from a place of kindness more than ever before. My demeanor has changed. My positive attitude is just radiating from me when I’m going about my day, and I think I have Stephanie to thank for a lot of that. The understanding and kindness we have shown each other the past month has helped me in more ways than she will ever know. It has taken this weight off of my shoulders and allowed me to appreciate the kindness surrounding me everyday. My worry and angst has settled and my kindness has a larger window to shine through now.


This week was full of fun and spontaneous events! Michigan weather has finally hit a constant temperature with the sun shining and it was just what the doctor had ordered. We all needed some extra vitamin D so the kids and I hit the local 7-11 and got slurpees Monday AND Tuesday. Who doesn’t love some icy goodness on a hot spring day? Then spent the rest of the evening outside playing together as a family ย with some of our neighbors and their children. Laughter, fun, and great conversation! I just love our neighborhood and the bond we all have.

I surprised Matt with Detroit Tigers tickets this week. With our crazy spring schedules we don’t get to go to many games early in the season. He has been talking about it for weeks (HA! and he thinks I have selective hearing LOL) so I got work all squared away and told him to put on his Justin Verlander shirt (a Detroit Tigers pitcher) because we were going to a game! He looked like a kid in a candy shop, he was so beyond excited and it made me feel pretty great to do something for the man who does SO much for our family.


Friday I made some chocolate chip cookies and brought them to our neighbors. Everyone has been outside this past week working on their lawns and gardening. It has been a hot one too, but everyone’s yard looks superb! All of that hard work to make our little neighborhood look absolutely breath taking. So for all of their hard work I decided to present them with some of my famous cookies. Most of our neighbors are older and retired. They all remind me of different parts of my grandparents. The smiles on their faces always light up my day. They think I’m helping them, but in reality their warm conversations and sincere interest in our family mean the world to me. Each one of them gave me huge hugs and thank you’s for the cookies – THAT was an amazing feeling to experience.


Kindness is all around us and it doesn’t always have to start with someone else initiating it. It starts with US. It starts with ME. I am in charge of my own happiness and giving to others or just being a listening ear doesn’t only do good for the other person’s soul, but mine as well.



8 thoughts on “Kindness Challenge: Week 3 – Showing Kindness

  1. I gotta say that I love listening to the stories older folks have to tell and they seem genuinely thankful for the little things we do for them. This is an inspiring post, thanks!

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