2nd Annual 29th Birthday Extravaganza


This past Saturday was one of my girlfriend’s 30th birthday. She has made it pretty clear she did NOT want to make it a 30th birthday party, so I came up with it being her 2nd Annual 29th Birthday Extravaganza! I don’t understand why she’s so worried about turning 30, but it’s her birthday so whatever she wants, the rest of us were all for it.

The planning for this birthday party has been quite the headache. There was suppose to be a party bus. My husband and I weren’t going to go on the party bus, but we said we would meet up with them wherever they were at. I guess a lot of people felt the same way and they cancelled the entire party bus all together. I’m actually really glad they did because it was starting to become this big deal. Earlier this week my girlfriend Cass and I went shopping for dresses for her party. I rarely ever go out, so when I do, I kinda want to go ALL out. Why not right? You only live once. We picked out two black dresses and called it a day. My other girlfriend, Lauren, did my make up and I must say, I LOVE having my make up done. I can put together an every day make up look, but Lo really pulls out all the stops when it comes to a night look and did an amazing job!

My amazing make up that was done by Lauren

We started our night at dinner in a busy downtown local city. I had the best lump crab cake and espresso martini! After dinner the 15 of us headed to some local bars and clubs and spent the night dancing and drinking. I’m a two drink kind of girl, but Saturday night I may have had four or five and I totally paid for it in the morning. I can’t believe I use to party like that every weekend. I’m obviously so far removed from that kind of scene, but it was nice to let loose and have fun with our friends.

Cassandra, Becca, Me, Lauren, and Caitlin

Matt and I had a blast having a night out on the town. Spring time is usually when we are just two ships passing in the night, so having that time out with him was extra special for me. Everyone had a great time dancing the night away, but we are totally okay with not doing that again any time soon. At least that is what the blisters on my feet from the high heels are saying.

Matt and I 


How was your weekend? Do anything fun?


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