Family Adjustments


Spring is here which means our house will be crazy until the beginning of July. Every year, my husband Matt is one of the coaches for James’s baseball team. Matt and I both work in the hospitality industry and our schedules vary as it is, but when baseball season starts his two days off are for strictly baseball. It’s good-bye normal routine, hello spring adjustments! I know this is my husband and step son’s favorite time of year because they gets to spend one on one time with each other, playing one of their favorite things to do together.


With Matt at work on days he normally has off, that switches my roll around too. I am now running solo during the day. Our normal routine and responsibilities switch around for a few months and some days I’m the only one taking the munchkins to and from school or we are eating dinner later because no one wants to eat right when we get home from school. It takes a few weeks to make the adjustment, but after three years, I think we have it down to a science.

Baseball was a little different this year. There is more than one game a week and some on days that we don’t have the kids. Making sure all of the uniform and gear is with the correct parent has worked out pretty well so far this year and has made me yet again appreciate how awesome our co-parenting skills are. If we didn’t all communicate like we do, baseball would be a disaster, and I bet James wouldn’t enjoy playing as much as he does. He probably wouldn’t want any of us to be there if it was that obvious we all didn’t get along. He most likely would of just said he didn’t want to do the sport because he didn’t want to put himself through that kind of stress. I’m thankful James doesn’t have to go through that. I’m thankful we all sit together at games, cheering James on and high fiving when he wacks that baseball in the outfield. He honestly has his own cheering section and he is beaming ear to ear when he looks over at all of us rooting him on together as a family.

James warming up before he hit his home run on Sunday night

Jordan has her dance recital next month. It just so happens to fall on the same day as one of James’s baseball games. Stephanie (the munchkin’s mom) and I decided that us girls will take Jordan to the dance recital and the boys will go to the baseball game. I remember as a kid, my parents couldn’t make it to all of my soccer games because I had brothers with lives too, and it would bum me out that they weren’t there. James and Jordan are very lucky to have two sets of parents, and the probability of at least ONE of us being there is pretty high, I would say a 98% chance. A lot of people think kids are going to suffer from divorced/remarried parents. Some people think co-parenting won’t make a big difference in the kid’s lives. That’s where everyone is wrong. The four of us working together and getting along helps the kids tremendously! It makes going to activities, sporting events or school functions, easier. It takes the stress level from a ten down to a one, and I’m not talking about for us parents, I’m talking about for the kids. They needs all of us, and they know we will all show up for them everyday and any time they need. THAT’S called kick ass co-parenting!

quotes about parenting
quotes about parenting

As the kids get older and more involved in different activities and sports, our time together with just the four of us will be limited. But for now, we all still get what we need done for the day with no complaints. We all end up in our pajamas on the couch after a long day of school and baseball, cuddled up, watching The Voice. So for now, I will take this adjustment and run with it, because this is our life, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.



4 thoughts on “Family Adjustments

  1. I couldn’t agree more Jess!! I’ve seen how my daughter has flourished since my ex husband and I have been getting along better. We are actually having a birthday party for her in a few weeks that we are both hosting along with both her step parents and she is over the moon excited. We just reached our first amicable decision without the courts involvement for our summer break schedule as well. That is a triumph all in itself. Our daughters well being, attitude, and health has improved emmensly since we have turned this corner into proactive Co parenting. And it’s a hell of alot less of a stress on me! 🙂

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    • Doesn’t it feel like a huge weight was lifted off of your shoulders? I felt like I could stop holding my breath and relax! Our kids are watching us, they really do FEEL the tension just as much, if not more, then we do. So happy for you and your family, Jenn! ❤

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