Collaboration Help!


Ladies and Gents. Stephanie and I are in need of your help!

Stephanie is my step kid’s mom and we found each other here on WordPress.

We both write about our experiences in a blended family and co-parenting.

We collaborated on Mother’s Day and wrote about how we got to where we are.

We got so much POSITIVE and AMAZING feedback from all of our phenomenal followers and we wanted to see what all of YOU would like to see in a collaboration.

We are open to anything! Any ideas would be great. Q & A’s even! Any questions any of you might have about our lifestyle or any ideas about what YOU would all like to see in a collaboration between a Mom and Stepmom!

Let us know!

Leave a comment below OR email either one of us!

My email:

(my email has only ONE T in the name!)

Stephanie’s email:

 No idea is a bad idea!

Thanks so much for your help!


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