Reblog: We Need Your Help!!!

We need our followers help!

Making Time For Me

OK, so Jess and I want to keep collaborating together.  We have received so much awesome feedback from all of our posts about each other!  Many questions, comments and kudos.

Jess and I have talked a couple of times of what to do now?  How can we collaborate on the blog successfully in the future?


The best thing we could come up with is to ask you guys!  For our wonderful followers, particularly the moms who are trying to work out the whole co-parenting thing.  We are asking you, what you want to do?  What would you be most interested in reading?

We are up for any suggestions that you guys might have and can throw our way!!  Another thought is that we can see if there is an interest in a “Q & A”, you guys throwing questions at us, we work together to come up with a post…

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