Four Fact Survey Fun!

Thanks for the Four Fact Survey tag You’re Not Alone in This World!


Four names people call me other than my real name: 

  1. Jess
  2. Jessie (just my family)
  3. Babe
  4. Mom

Four Jobs I’ve Had: 

  1. Limited Too was my very first job. I had a shopping addiction at age 16 LOL
  2. Hollister…yes I worked there with the barely lit atmosphere and intense cologne smell.
  3. Medical Assistant at a cardiologist. This actually has helped me a lot over the years when parents or grandparents have had heart problems.
  4. Being a (step) mom. This is by far my FAVORITE job.

Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once: 

  1. Mean Girls”
  2. “The Family Stone”
  3. “Sleeping Beauty”
  4. “Zoolander” 

Four Books Or Authors I’d Recommend: 

  1. Jane Green. Without a doubt my favorite author of all time.
  2. Emily Giffin
  3. Liane Moriarty
  4. Jennifer Weiner

Four Places I’ve Lived: 

  1. Carmel, Indiana
  2. Ypsilanti, Michigan
  3. Birmingham, Michigan
  4. Troy, Michigan

Four Places I’ve Visited: 

  1. Cancun, Mexico
  2. New York City, New York
  3. Austin, Texas
  4. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Four Things I’d Rather Be Doing Right Now: 

  1. Being somewhere tropical. I’m not even picky.
  2. Have a glass of wine in my hand. (too lazy to get up right now)
  3. Cuddling longer with the kids, they are in bed now.
  4. Laying on a beach getting my tan on with my in-laws in Florida. I guess my husband and kids could be there too LOL

Four foods I don’t like:

  1. Mushrooms (it’s a texture thing) 
  2. Milk, I know it’s a drink not a food, but I HATE MILK. I haven’t had straight milk since I was 4 years old. Nope. Won’t do it. Don’t care. Makes me gag thinking about it.
  3.  Tomatoes, I’ll eat salsa but not just plain old tomatoes. That’s another texture thing.
  4. Really spicy food. I sweat when I eat ketchup. Super embarrassing, so I only eat spicy food when I have my hair up, make up off and just around family.

Four of my favorite foods: 

  1. Sushi
  2. Stuffed Peppers
  3.  McDonald’s French Fries
  4. Avacados

Four Shows I Watch: 

  1. Grey’s Anatomy
  2. Game of Thrones
  3. Real Housewives of Orange County, Beverly Hills, New York, New Jersey…you get the picture right? LOL
  4. Scandal

Four Things I’m Looking Foward To This Year: 

  1. Disney World in October! The kids have no idea yet!
  2. Matt and my 3 year wedding anniversary
  3. Country Concerts this summer
  4. Summer time!

Four Things I’m Always Saying: 

  1. “Clearly…”
  2. I love you”
  3. “Does a bear shit in the woods?” 
  4. “Be aware of your surroundings!” (I obviously am constantly saying this to the kids)

Four People To Tag: 

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