My Mother’s Day Wrap Up


My Mother’s Day weekend was fabulous. 

I was showered with so much love, kindness and appreciation. The munchkins got to come over a few hours earlier today and showered me with more love, homemade cards and presents. Hubby had to work  (restaurant life) but we all had time to go outside and play before he had to leave. It was just the kids and I for dinner and they had a great idea to go out for sushi! We had so much fun trying new rolls and talking about our weekends.

(Below are the cards the kid’s and Matt got me. The kid’s wrote “We love you, thank you for coming into our lives.”)

This morning my husband woke me up and took me out to breakfast at our favorite little breakfast joint. I enjoyed having that special time with the man who brought these amazing kids into my life. They were handing out flowers to the moms at the restaurant and I wasn’t offered one as we were leaving (the kid’s weren’t with us),  it didn’t bother me one bit this year. Usually, things like that can get me a little worked up, but I was on such a high from ALL the love I was receiving from the people that matter most to me. Nothing was going to ruin my best Mother’s Day in six years!

Stephanie and I guest blogged on each other’s blog for Mother’s Day. (Stephanie’s Post on my blog ) (My Post on Stephanie’s blog) We wrote about how we got to where we are in our mom/stepmom relationship. She actually got me a beautiful card for Mother’s Day as well. I had tears streaming down my face reading it. She also made me a plaque with the letter M on it for “Mom”. There is no doubt in my mind that our relationship has done a complete 180 in almost two weeks time. I am forever grateful for that. OH! And I can’t forget the card/crafts that Noah (Stephanie and Paul’s Son) made me in church today!

“M” plaque she made me
Noah’s gift to me

As the night was wearing down, I unwound with some Theives essential oil in my diffuser, a glass of my favorite red wine and caught up on my “Real Housewives.” I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day. I may be a step mom, but to everyone else in my life, I am a mom, a very very proud mom.

Mother’s Day 2016



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