X is for XOXO


Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I pack the munchkin’s lunches and snacks. It’s something I have done since Little Man was in Kindergarten. After packing their lunches I will always write them a little note with something sweet or funny and then I will sign it “XOXO”.

One day I forgot to write them a note, and the first thing they both said to me when I saw them was “Why didn’t you write me a note today in my lunch?!” I honestly didn’t know if they really liked the notes or were just being nice because they didn’t want to hurt my feelings. Little Miss would mention something after school sometimes and knowing that Little Man was getting older and might not want notes anymore from me, I was surprised he spoke up too. I apologized to them and said I will make sure I put one in tomorrow. When we got home Little Miss took me into her room and opened a little box she has on her side table. Inside were tons of the notes that I wrote her. She told me that she is saving them all because she likes to reread them when she wakes up in the morning. And there she goes again….wrapping herself around my finger and tugging at my heart strings.

My mom use to leave me notes in my lunch box every day. It was seriously one of the highlights of my entire day. It was a special note she wrote just for me. Sometimes my dad would write the note, that was always a rare occasion, but when he did, they were always extra special. I wanted the kids to get that same special feeling I use to get in the middle of the school day. When the day would get away from you and you totally forgot about your parents, then there was that little note that reminded you that you are loved and thought about.

Little Miss told me the other day that she loves being able to read the notes I write her to her friends during lunch. Apparently my notes are a huge hit in first grade! LOL I will take what I can get. I’m actually suppose to have lunch with Little Miss tomorrow when I volunteer in her classroom. I thought maybe I could get out of it this week (horrible, I know, but I have a lot I need to get done tomorrow), but low and behold, Little Miss has reminded me five times since Monday. Looks like I’m dining with first graders tomorrow!

I love the little notes I write the kids. I love that they love the notes I write. I love that before they could read I would write them notes, but instead of words I would draw pictures. Like instead of “I love you” I would draw an eye, then a heart and then a giant U. It’s the little things for me. The little things that make me happy and smile. Seeing how much they look forward to my notes will just fuel me to keep writing them. So until they tell me to stop, they can keep expecting their notes from me. Signed….


Your Jess 



13 thoughts on “X is for XOXO

  1. Yet another thing we have in common! I write notes and put them in her lunches too, I love doing it… Haven’t forgotten … Yet. But when I do, I hope she reacts the same way your munchkins did! :).

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      • oh and just FYI… You’re never too old for little notes! I wrote some in my fiance’s notebooks when he went back to school and he loved them! … that or he was highly embarrassed but wanted to made me smile 🙂 either way, he said he loved them lol.


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