A-to-Z Challenge Round Up


Congratulations to all of my fellow A-to-Z bloggers out there! We are entering our last week of the challenge and I must say, I’m super pumped with how this month went.

This past week I wrote about:

Order – Order is a must in our household. Without it, chaos will spread like wild fire.

Pregnancy – An amazing life experience I cannot wait to embark.

Quilts – Stories of my amazing mother-in-law who is an extraordinary quilter.

Responsibility and Reward– Step parents everywhere will understand where I am coming from here. Such little rewards with so much responsibilities.

Self-Reflection – This A-to-Z journey has taken me down memory lane of the times that were brutal but also times that I will always cherish.

Traditions – Every family has traditions, even the blended ones. We do it in our own way and that doesn’t make it any less important.

I also had a guest post on A Mother of All Trades! My very first guest post and I am proud to say I really poured my heart and soul into it and LOVED doing it! If anyone is looking to be a guest contributor, I would be honored to have you and I would be honored to guest post for you! My email is: notheaveragemama@gmail.com

My favorite post this week was from Proud To Be Step! Her letter T was for Television. She gives great insight from a parents AND teacher’s perspective. Screen time and technology with our little ones is really important to pay attention to!

If you missed any of these posts this week, check them out! Good luck to all of you on your last week of blogging A-to-Z! We are almost there!


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