Reblog: 7 Tips for a Prosperous Marriage and 1 for Good Luck 

What great tips from Stepmomincognito!

Stepmom Warrior

1. Be Teammates

This is our motto. We are teammates first. David Beckham was once asked, “How have you remained a one woman man?” He replied, “She is my best friend. Would you want to hurt your best friend?” My husband shared this with me and it has become our marriage mantra. We always treat each other as best friends because that is what we are.

So ask yourself, “how would I treat my best friend in this situation?”

2. Intimacy and Sex are Key

My husband and I share a chemistry I can’t explain in words. The energy we can feel from one another is electric. Focusing on affection and sex are priorities to us. We enjoy pleasing one another. The benefits of a healthy sex life and the oxytocin boost are so worth it.

So throw on some lingerie and sexy heels, get frisky, and reap the rewards.

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