Q is for Quilts


My mother-in-law (MIL) loves to quilt. There are many of her incredible quilting projects around our home. When I first met my MIL, I commented on all the quilts she had hanging around their house. She went into detail about each quilt and how quilting and those quilts have been in her family for generations. When I told my husband about the stories she told me he seemed some what surprised she shared such personal information with me, considering we just met. That is a memory that has been stuck in my head since I met her. She opened up and shared personal family stories with me, along with opening her home and heart.

She made us a quilt for our bed when we got married. She incorporated our wedding colors into the color scheme, it was absolutely remarkable. We put it on our bed every fall when the weather cools off.

She took a butterfly picture from Little Miss’s room and designed a quilt based solely off of that butterfly. She also made a colorful quilt to replicate the colors of Little Man’s favorite sports team. Those quilts are on the munchkin’s beds every night. This is the same woman who would spray her perfume on stuffed animals for the munchkins when they were younger because they didn’t see their grandparents that much. When the kids smelled their stuffed animals it would trigger the thought of their grandma. She’s really a smart woman, and I love her to death.

She makes blankets with left over quilting supplies for cancer patients who are receiving chemo at the local hospital where they live and blankets for the dogs and cats at the local animal shelters.

She is caring, giving, and selfless. Not to mention extremely talented with her craft of quilting. I’m proud to call her my mother-in-law.

I had quilts on my bed growing up. They were my security blankets and one of the softest things I wrapped myself up in. I still have a quilt that my grandma gave me almost 20 years ago. Quilts are made with love. Quilts are made from scraps and pieces that come together to make something beautiful. Kind of like our little family.



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