Three Day Quote Challenge: Day 2



I was nominated by Lindsay at Home, Hugs, and Huskies for the Three Day Quote Challenge! Yesterday, I had a theme of Disney movie quotes. Today I am going with the theme of marriage and relationships.

First here are the rules:


I love LOVE. I love everything about falling in love, the butterflies, the excitement, and the passion. Just because I’m married now, doesn’t mean I’m dead. I still get all of those feelings with my husband. Sorry if that sounds cheesy, it’s just true. Here are a few quotes that stood out to me today.


I am a very strong person. I am strong and independent. But I’m still human. I still feel pain, and the best remedy is when my husband will just hold me in silence and just let me breathe.


This is so very true. Children are always watching. What they see in your relationship is what they will mimic in theirs when they are older. Show your children what love is really like.


I actually use this quote a lot. It is a great reminder to never stop dating your spouse.

Today I Nominate:

Angelica from Write on.

Michelle  from Fabulous Fit Mamas

You’re Not Alone in This World


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