I is for Ice Cream


Every summer we walk or ride our bikes to the ice cream shop around the corner. It is probably one of my favorite things to do in the summer time with the hubby and the munchkins. It is quite a treat for them to be taken out for ice cream, and they love the surprise every time we turn down the street towards the little corner shop.


My favorite flavor is strawberry, specifically strawberry ice cream with strawberry chunks. Mmmmm. Little Miss’s favorite is chocolate. No surprise there, she is a certified choco-holic. Little Man’s favorite flavor is rocky road. I literally just asked him that, and that was his response. I have never seen the kid order that flavor a day in his life. Apparently there is a new flavor that is going to be ordered this summer! Hubby’s favorite flavor is chocolate chip, especially if they are chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. Not the round ones, but the rectangle ones, with the white paper wrapping. LOL Not like he’s picky or anything.

I have been known to eat ice cream straight out of the container. Seriously. I will grab a big spoon and the ice cream carton and go to town. I’m usually not in the best mood when you find me in that position, but the problem will usually solve itself by the last bite. Funny how that works.


When the kids were younger, I use to tell them when the ice cream truck played music, it meant that they were out of ice cream. I know, I know, I’m horrible, but it got the job done. No whining or crying for the ice cream man. Just one of them saying “Nuts, looks like they are out of ice cream…AGAIN.” I am now not the bad guy, but the ice cream man who clearly didn’t bring enough with him now was. Thanks for being our scapegoat all these years, Mr. Ice Cream Man.


One of my favorite wedding presents was our homemade ice cream maker. I grew up in a small Indiana town, and every 4th of July my mom would make homemade vanilla ice cream. Like the old school ice cream machine that you had to feed ice constantly down the sides to keep the mixture cold enough to cream together. Homemade ice cream is hands down my favorite kind. The childhood memories I have of my mom’s homemade ice cream are some of the few that are the bright golden marbles. (If you have seen the movie Inside Out, you know what I mean.)

Ice Cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Hopefully these warm memories of summer and ice cream will send some positive vibes everyone’s way! Summer is just around the corner, and the ice cream shop will be our first stop!

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?


9 thoughts on “I is for Ice Cream

  1. OMG! LOL that’s hilarious. Telling them the music means they’re out of ice cream! That is way too funny and smart I must add lol.
    I’m like you, I’m known to dig into the tub and before I know it, half of it is already gone 😬. Infact it became an addiction a couple of years ago. Where I’d put the boys to sleep and the first thing I’d do is get my ice cream out. It was more of a winding down routine. But I realized how unhealthy it is so I stopped.

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  2. That’s too funny! Have they figured out the truth about the ice cream truck yet?

    I always thought “rocky road” sounded like a great name for ice cream, but the taste didn’t love up to its name.

    Mint Chocolate chip is my favorite, but the family currently votes for neopolitan every time because it’s a three-for-one.

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