A-to-Z Challenge Week


Well, a full week of the A-to-Z Challenge is now under my belt. I completed a post for every day this week, and this week has been a busy one. I mean, when are they not? 

Writing every day about being a stepmom has made me put a lot of things into perspective. The comments and feedback I have received from all of you wonderful bloggers have been amazing. Thank you all for your support, kind words and advice. In case you missed any of the letters this week, here they are:

Monday –  C for Celebrate

TuesdayD for Driving

WednesdayE for Evil Stepmother (this was my favorite post of the week, on top of having someone reblog one of my posts for the very first time!)

ThursdayF for Families 

FridayG for Grandparents

SaturdayH for Hard 

My views, yet again, skyrocketed. My voice is being heard, and I am able to write about things I probably never would of said to anyone else about being a stepmom. I have read a lot of other blogs this week. I love being able to connect with other fellow bloggers on topics that resonate with each of us. Next weeks topics should be more on the fun story side 🙂

Thank you again for taking this journey with me. Thank you for your support.


Congratulations my fellow A-to-Z Challenge bloggers! We made it our first full week.

How do you feel you’re doing with the challenge so far?


6 thoughts on “A-to-Z Challenge Week

  1. This post is an inspiration. I need to poke my nose and heart into this community more; I have enjoyed writing about my family life lately and didn’t think I’d ever be … thanks for the inspiration, friend!

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  2. I’ve enjoyed reading all your posts. And I’m glad you are able to share as much as you can with us. Like I always tell you, it’s not easy to be who you are because of your family dynamics but you are doing a phenomenal job and your positivity and love always shines through…can’t wait to read more of the A-Z challenge…

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